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It took me a lot of time and money to gain the knowledge of useful html tag to Bloggers.

Most senior bloggers and webmasters are exploiting those that are new to this business, and i don't blame them. So if you have been struggling with basic html knowledge, here is a little help

1. HyperLink = < a > and the href attribute describes where the link is pointing to . E.g . <# h r e f =" http: //www.successbookz.biz" > Dating, Relationship and Health Advice < / a >

what will display as a clickable text is only "Dating, Relationship and Health Advice
Other part of it , is the "rel ="nofollow" attribute, ideal for external content (for affiliate link and link to other site that are not yours). It is also important to display external content in a new Tab. The attribute for that is "target ="_blank", this will make the link open in a new tab. So in all we have this , <# h r ef =" http://www.successbookz.biz" rel =" nofollow " target =" _blank "> Dating, Relatinship and Health Advice < / a >
(replace "#" with "a")

Try this yourself and see the result you will get.

This Tutorial Continues

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