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6Weeks Elections Postponement: Gains or Waste?

Nigerian Battle Ready Troops
The Friends, Family, Sympathizers, Sponsors and Supporters of the BoKo Haram terrorist group, sees no gains in the 6weeks election postponement to recapture and restore Peace in the fallen cities in the North East

Even a blind man in the North knows that the Nigerian Military has done a great job in last 5 weeks.
Almost all the territories held by Boko Haram has been re-captured by the gallant Nigerian troops.

So why should any sane person say that it was all about the president and plans to frustrate and further intimidate the opposition?. Why are you so interested on holding elections when some part of the country has been taken over by terrorist?.

The military has been waiting for modern sophisticated military hardware to arrive Nigeria for a very long time. They needed it to take the battle to the Boko Haram, they needed it to protect the Sovereignty of Nigeria and just when they took the delivery of a good number of It, was about time for the elections.

The military ask for just 6Weeks to flush out the terrorist Boko Haram, many opposition figure said it was impossible... No wonder they are yet to come in terms with the reality on ground. The military has given a good account of themselves and I say Kudos to the Gallant troops of Nigeria.

The opposition media houses are giving credit to Camerounian, Chad and Niger forces...what a biased reportage? Why deform the people if you can't Inform and educate them?
Are Sahara Reporters and their likes actually partners in Terrorism with Boko Haram?.

I will allow you to judge by the reality on ground now...If you think the 6Weeks Election Extension has not been worth the sacrifice and pains

Which is better? To protect Nigeria and her people or
Elections that could still be held in future (within the constitutional time frame)?.

I Pledge Peace to Nigeria and say a Big NO to Violence ...before...during and after the Elections in Nigeria.

God Bless Naija...coz I Love Naija.