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My Letter To Nigeria National Assembly

Nigerian National Assembly Building

Is Nigeria's Constitution Really Seeing The Future?

There are certain things that has been bothering my mind concerning Nigeria, all this while. And I have been seeking the appropriate time, place and institution to channel my questions to. But now I think the time is fully ripe for me to ask these questions and expect answers from the appropriate quarters, before things goos wrong in the face of prevailing circumstances in Nigeria.

Here Are My Questions:

1. Fact: the president is expected to write the national assembly to transfer his powers to the vice president in acting  capacity, if he decides to take a leave. Now my number one question is,
What happens if the President fails to transmit  his powers to his vice due to a serious health emergency (let's say "Hearth Attack"), and he's unable to return to the country after a period of six months or more?

2. What happens if the president fails to recover from his sickness after one year(like being in "Coma", "Amnesia" or something of such), or he becomes a vegetable or probably physically paralyzed (stroke, Blind, Deaf, Dumb)??.

3. This is the real question, and I want the Nigerian National Assembly to focus on this particular question. I want to use what is currently on ground in Nigeria to give meaning to this question.

> What happens if the current acting president (VP) becomes very ill and needs and urgent medical attention???. 
Just imagine that the illness will keep him out of Nigeria for close to 3 months or more (even if its just one day) 

Please, let's not say God forbid or it can't happen, i really want us to critically look into this issues in other to adopt a holistic legislative approach to it.

Let no one say I'm wishing the president, his vice or the nation at large evil; far from that, I'm just a concerned (We cannot afford to allow those we do not trust to hijack power) Nigerian and I want the best for this great Nation.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Nigeria Labour Congress Strike IS A Fraud: I Say NO To NLC Strike

The proposed strike by the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) is a fraud, please say NO to it.
#NLCStrikeIsFraud the strike has never yielded any positive result, rather it will further inflict greater hardship and suffering on the poor masses.
Nothing good has ever been achieved from the numerous NLC Strike in the past.

#SayNoToNLCStrike Enough of all this subsidy drama, let's end it now. If after 2years we don't see any good in it; we will divorce Buhari and his APC and marry another Party.
Let's accept this CHANGE and see where it leads us to, we can no longer continue to postpone the evil day.
Let the worst happen now and let's see if the heavens will fall or hell will be let loose.

Please note that most of this so called Labour Leaders are part of the Cabals we are fighting, they are our common enemy. Most of them politicians and some in the opposition...Nigeria Politics!>>>>Politicians in labour attire!. Say NO to them.

Though I'm not a President Buhari fan, yet I think we should give him a chance to work the "Change"
Let the labour union embrace dialogue and let's give peace a chance.

The hand of God is upon Nigeria that's the reason why I'm so optimistic that ALL WILL BE WELL #ISupportDeregulation because #DeregulationIsChange

Let's continue this HashTag on Social Media.
We cannot afford to continue to play
politics in Nigeria
with every thing. This is a serious business, its about the survival of Nigeria. I love Nigeria, What about You?

GoodLuck Jonathan Is Not Corrupt

 Goodluck Jonathan Photo

+Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is not Corrupt, but Nigeria is
It amazes me the way Nigerians accuses their President of corruption. If the President happen to be the only corrupt person in Nigeria, then Nigeria has got no problem, just change him and it's over.

Corruption has been in Nigeria Before +Jonathan emerges the Governor of Bayelsa state. So why blame him for what has eaten deep into the fabrics of Nigerians.

The military toppled civilian government and took over power several times, for the sole purpose of fighting corruption, but rather than fight corruption what did they do, they ended up extending the frontiers of corruption in Nigeria

A country where a Youth Corp Member drafted to teach in a high school, takes money from the students to award them good grades. No one questions or cautions him/her.

A country where parents pay for their children to obtain "special center" form, where the candidates will be provided with everything they will write in a general examination (WAEC ,GCE...).

A country where ladies in the higher institutions of learning prefer to "hustle" than to read, after examination they will go and Buy Marks with Money or Sex. Yet no one is saying anything about that

Even the so called Social Critics and opposition party leaders, have their wards in some of this schools, they are fully aware of the mess going on, yet they sponser them. (give them money to settle lecturers)

Nigeria! A country where the society has lost all it's good tenets, no one cares about how you made the money, all what is required of you is just to make the money real big, come home with an SUV and build a mansion. The next thing will be to confer you with a chieftaincy title.

The community has lost it's moral standards, moral instruction has been substituted with, "Doro dancing" and Doro Wriggling of waist by little kids.

Could all this be attributed to just one man?

Now let me go to where the problem lives. The Assembly of Corrupt men and women. Those who are suppose to be making positve legislations to rid the country off corruption, but rather chooses to misappropriate funds meant to take care of the hospitals and schools.

A haven for criminals, after loothing as a governor of a state, they run straight in there to avoid probe.(Immunity covers them in there). 70% of them having no positive argument to put up, "i support the motion" is what they have got to offer.

When it comes to probe and oversight function, they collect money (bribe) and sweep important national issues under the carpet.
NDUDI ELUMELU POWER PROBE PANEL: what was the outcome?. Bribery and corruption.

FAROUK LAWAN FUEL SUBSIDY PROBE PANEL: what was the conclusion? A bribe of $500, 000 USD. What was the response of the leadership of the Assembly of Ex criminals and loothers?. Did he go to jail?, was the oil magnet ( +Otedola ) arrested and jailed for bribing a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria? No! No!! No!!!

Will you also blame Jonathan for all these things highlighted here?. The big answer is, NO!


1. Total separation of Power. The Judiciary should be as powerful as the Executive, even more. They should be elected by the people and can be removed also through referendum.

2. Downward review of the total salary of all political office holders, up to 50% cut. This will make political offices less attractive, then the right people who are willing and ready to serve, will emerge and move Nigeria forward.