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Prayer Points...Pastor E A Adeboye...Day5 Great Shepherd

Pastor E.A Adeboye
Prayer Points From Daddy G O On Day 5 Of Holy Ghost Congress 2014

Daddy G.O gave out 7 points of prayer and the congregation were told to pray it for just 15minutes, unlike before that he usually ask that the prayer be taken for one solid hour.

Apparently coz of time, but actaully it was a nite of power. And did i miss to tell you in clear terms that if you were not there you missed a truck load of blessings?.

But not too worry, just say all these prayer points with all seriousness and faith and you will see your blessings searching-out for you in Jesus name.

7 Prayer Points From Pastor E. A Adeboye... The Great Shepherd
1. Praise God for making you to be here this hour to pray this prayer, though you weren't at the programme, the bible says "the just shall live by faith". So you are part of it now by faith, thank God for the grace.

2. Father, I surrender my all to you, use me for your glory.

3. Father. Everything that will not allow me to serve you, destroy now(tonight).

4. Father, since my enemies are your enemies, deal with them yourself.

5. Father, bless me beyond my widest expectation

6. Father, before this year ends, please fulfill all your promises to me.

7. Add all your personal request that are not mentioned Here.

My prayer for you just as Daddy G.O said is, God will accept you,
Destroy everything that will not allow you to serve him faithfully,
Deal with all your enemies,
Bless you beyond your widest expectation and
Grant you all that your desire according to his word and will in Jesus Name. Amen!

10 Powerful Prayer Points From Pastor E.A.Adeboye

Pastor E.A. Adeboye

I Just decided to Share this Prayer Points from Daddy G.O. (pastor E.A. Edebooye) during the last Holy Ghost Service in 2014 at the Redemption camp, this November with you.

I decided to share it with you because it has started working for me, and am sure it will work for you also if you believe.

Now Pray it with all seriousness. Pastor E. A. Adeboye ask us pray it for good One Hour.
1. Praise God for his mercy that kept you up to this moment

2. Promise God to testify of any breakthrough that comes your way henceforth

(if you don't thank God for all he has done for you, how will you expect him to do more for you?)

3. Father, if my faith is too small, please help my unbelief

4. Father, please have mercy on me and my family today

5. Father, please hold my hand and help me.(Isaiah.41)

6. Father, please uproot every mountain of sorrow in my life

7. Father, put an end to every drainage in my life(things that are draining your resources, it culd be sickness...)

. 8. Father, please don't let my expectations be cut off.

9. Father, another year is ended, please remember me before it's too late.

10. Add your expectations(all your personal request comes in here).

Pray for an hour if you can. May God answer your Prayers in Jesus Name. Amen.