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KOLO MENTALITY Is The Biggest Problem Of Nigeria

Fella Kuti
"Colo mentality" by Fella. Colonian Mentality is simply the biggest problem facing Nigeria as Nation. It is also the major cause of the depreciation/weakness of Naira to the dollar


1. when we reject locally produced goods and opt for foreign ones.
2. When we contract foreigners to do the job that can be done by Nigerians.

3. When our politicians run to US and UK to speak on issues of national interest.

4. When our politicians travel to US and UK to campaign for election that will be held here in Nigeria.

5. When they continue to tell us that our health sector is getting better, while they continue to run abroad to treat malaria?

Ask yourself this simple questions.
Has any Ghanian politician (lets not talk about South Africans, US, Uk... )been here in recent time to campaign or criticize/condemn their government?.

Are we indirectly going back to the colonial masters to enforce another colonial regime on Us??

When will this KOLO MENTALITY be over???.

Nigerian Youth Awake! Stop being fooled