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7 Ways To Get Free Targeted Website Traffic That Will Boost Your Search Engine Ranking PT2

Free Targeted Traffic
This Article will teach you how to get FREE Targeted Website Traffic That Will help boost your website or blog Search Engine Ranking.

High Points:
 1. How to get targeted traffic to you website or Blog
2. The type of Website or Blog Traffic That Will improve your Search Engine Ranking
3. Top search engine ranking and fast page indexing strategy. If your website or blog has been struggling to get free and quality daily traffic, not getting traffic from search engine or your pages are not being indexed by google and other popular search engine. Here are few things to do to increase your website traffic, get more of your pages indexed by search engine. And get daily targeted website traffic from search engine the concluding part.

If you have not read the First Part of this Article please Click Here Now to read it for you to have a better understanding of this Post.

5. Traffic Exchange: Join few Quality Traffic Exchange site and start surfing. The more of other peoples sites you view the more your own site is viewed. I will suggest you join these 2 Traffic Exchange site, reason? Coz they allow you to target your visitors (niche and geographic location). With this you are sure that who ever is visiting your Website is interested in what you've got to offer.

  TrafficG- Free Targeted Traffic and
Adsvert -Free Targeted Text AdNote: if you follow any of the link above and signup, I will be rewarded and you too will be rewarded for filling a Free signUp form.

3 Things you need to know about Traffic Exchange Sites:
 A. You can view other sites to get points for your own site to receive views.
B. You can BUY credits/Points to send targeted traffic to your site.
C. You can refer others and earn points from them. (you can also do all).

6. Link Exchange: You need a lot of quality BACKLINKS for your Site to Rank High. And the cheapest way to get link is to share with others like you, who are also seeking links.To start with, you need to give out free links to leaders in your industry(link to some of their post in your on post). Secondly, Search for materials/content that are related and relevant to Your content/audience, contact the site owners and ask for link Exchange with them.
If what you have is marketable they will not hesitate to grab the offer (be sure to give back what you got, don't give "Dofollow" to someone who has given you a "Nofollow", unless for leaders in your niche. Coz a "nofollow" from a PR8 page is far better than a "Dofollow" from a PR2 page.).

 7. Search Engine Optimization: Search Engine Optimization is all about using relevant keywords in and around your web content. Think about what people will search for, to get to your webpage and use the combination of those words over and over again in a sensible way, around all your content. Do more search to know more about SEO.

Here is 55 Quick SEO TIPS I think you should check out. It helps you to save more money that you would have used in advertising. I have done my own part to drop this piece to help you know How To get Free Targeted Traffic to your Site that will Boost your Page Rank; it is now left for you to put into practice what you've just learnt.
Note: Nothing will Change until you take Action. So Act now.

Free Backlinks: Build Over 5000 Free Banklinks To Boost Google/Alexa Ranking

SEO Backlinks generator

Free Backlink Builder. You can generate over 15000 Free Quality Backlinks from PR1 to PR6 sites. Most of them Dofollow and can help boost your Alexa ranking while others are "Nofollow" no matter which way it goes you've got nothing to loose. Its a "win win" thing for you because not only will you Generate Free Backlinks you will also receive unlimited Free Targeted Web Traffic, based on your Keywords.

Here are 10 Free Backlink Building Sites For you.

 1. Kalsey: Get Free 2500 Backlinks
 2. Auto Backlink Builder: Generate up to 2,500 Free backlinks for your site based on your Keywords 3. SitoWebInfo: Over 2000 Free Baclinks
4. 247 Backlinks: 1000 Free Backlinks Builder (Free registration is required here)
5. Back Link Generator dot Net: 325 Free Backlinks Generator, No Keyword required here
6. Free-Web-submission: Submit your url to all the popular search engine and generate free traffic and Free Backlinks. email needed to complete submission.
7. Real Backlinks: generate Free 101 backlinks here
8. Linksoar: Free quality Backlinks, I love this(not affiliated to any).
9. MarketingBlogOnline: Build about a 100 free backlinks here
10. W3SEO: build free quality backlinks here.
 Credit: Crawlist

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