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APC Ekiti Governorship Primaries 2018 Winner is Dr John Kayode Fayemi

Dr John Olukayode Fayemi, the former Governor of Ekiti State, a native of Isan-Ekiti in Oye Local Government of Ekiti State, and the current Minister of Solid Minerals Development in Nigeria has been officially declared the overall winner of the just concluded Ekiti State governorship primaries of the APC.

The exercise was reported to be peaceful, free and fair, but the coming days will tell if this claim was actually true or false. Dr Fayemi in his speech encouraged his co-contestants to work together with him to ensure success for the ACP in the state during the forthcoming governorship elections in the state.

Kayode Fayemi contested alongside other 32 contestants in the Saturday May 12TH 2018 APC Ekiti GOVERNORSHIP PRIMARIES and he's probably on his way back to the Ekiti State Government House.

Xenophobic Attacks In South Africa Vs Southern Kaduna Attacks

Xenophobic Attacks In South Africa

Nigerian Lawmakers and those in the ministry of foreign affairs are calling for a halt in the killings of Nigerians in South Africa. Some of the lawmakers are calling on the the presidency to take decisive actions to protect Nigerians in south Africa. I equally watch Abike Dabiri say that she meet with the south african high commission and they promised her that their country will investigate the matter. Now my question is this;

What is the difference between what is going on in south africa and what is going on in southern Kaduna? 
Herdsmen Killings In Southern Kaduna Nigeria
Do you think that even the South African government will take Nigeria government serious, seeing that we can not even protect our own citizens in our own country?. Can a government that has completely failed to protect her own citizens in their own land be able to protect, defend or fight for her people in Diaspora?
Charity they say begins at home, so it is imperative for our lawmakers, presidency and security agencies to do all it takes and very quickly to proof to the whole world that we love and respect our citizens. We must proof to the South African people/government and any other country that may want to toll the same lane that Nigeria has got all it takes to protect/defend her citizens both at home and abroad.

Enough of the killings all over the country. 
Nigeria Arm Forces Arise! 
Arise All Nigerians! 
Stop the Killings!

God Bless The Federal Republic Of Nigeria.

Mass Jail Break In Nigeria Again? Tunga Prison Attacked and Over 200 Escaped

Another Jail Break Again, The Third In 2 Months. The Recent Mass Jail Break In Tunga a suburb or Abuja, Should Raise a lot Of Concerns to Your Security Formation

Over 200 inmates escaped from the most recent successful jail break attempt in Tunga Prison. What is actually going on in this country?.

Last month it was in Ekiti State, the prison officials there stated that the attackers came and destroyed the gate with dynamite and over 250 inmates escaped, they are yet to track down 25% of the escaped inmates when the recent one occurred.
Jail break
I don't think the sacking and replacing of the Controller Of Prisons will solve the problem on ground. What I think Nigeria needs now, is the total overhaul of your prison system, security Formation and our criminal law systems. A lot of infrastructural upgrade is urgently need to be carried out in all Prisons in Nigeria also.

Boko Haram Struck Again...Damaturu, Yobe State Attacked On December First

Boko Haram Militants
After One of the worst attacks in recent times by Boko Haram on the Famous Kano Mosque, and an attack on a christian community in Borno.

The Islamist terrorist group this early morning descended on the residents of Damaturu, in Yobe State. It was gathered that the residence were fleeing the city as at the time of report.

The military was said to have moved in quickly to rescue the town. In the last three consecutive days, Boko Haram has been on the offensive while the army remain defensive.

The End of the insurgency in the northern part of Nigeria Is far from being over. God help Nigeria.

May the souls of those who lost their lives, find a resting place in the bosom of the almighty.

Goodluck Jonathan To Confront Boko Haram With AK47

Goodluck Jonathan(GEJ)

Apparently this is what most Nigerians especially people from the Nothern region, seem to be asking the President of Nigeria to do now. Will that be possible?.

At first they said he was treating the issue of boko haram with kid gloves, then Ihejirika arrived the scene and went on full offensive.Ihejirika on Military outfit
The same people said he was commiting genocide, that the president want to wipe out or cripple the north, so that he will not be opposed in 2015. There elders said they (Terrorist) should be given the same treatment as Niger Delta Militants. The president in his wisdom and Love for the Country had to send Ihejirika on a compulsory leave.

Here comes Alex Badeh, he is from the north East (the Hot Spot) and should understand the terrain. This man is suppose to fight and defend his own people. He has all that is required to do it (he has not come out yet to tell Nigerians that Jonathan is not supporting his efforts or that the army is not well equipped) yet boko haram is still operating freely.
Air marshal Alex Badeh
Just few days ago, the terrorist group attacked and took over possession of his own home (Air Chief Marshal Alex Badeh) town, hoisted their Flag and went further to declare Mubi "Madinatul Islam" (City of Islam)

 Armed Terrorists
In all these things what these same set of people are calling for, is the head of the president. No one is asking Badeh to resign, or to explain to Nigerians what kind of Bloody Politics they are playing in the northern part of Nigeria.

Only time will tell us how they will win the election in 2015 and stop the terrorist in one week. No one is asking them, "HOW"?.
If you Love this country and know the way to stop the killings and adoption of innocent young girls, why don't you go ahead now and provide the Military with the information????.