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5 Star Power Of Tagging/Mention

Tag and Mention are great free marketing tool, you can grow your business with Tagging and Mention. A lot of newbie Internet Marketers often ignore these great tool, while the big boys are sucking it 101%

The Tag and mention Tool are some of great benefits of Social media. Your social media marketing can not be complete without tagging friends, places ..... Here are the 5 Powers and benefits of Tagging and Mention, and the right application.

1. Exposure: Tag and Mention gives your campaign more exposure. Let say you mention/tag 10 of your friends/followers on your post, and each of them having 200 friends. you are indirectly reaching additional 1000 (50%) potential followers/customers and more.

2. More Comment: once you tag or mention someone on your post, they will be notified (not just on news feed) and once they come online they may like to check out what it's all about, and if they find it relevant or interesting, they will surely drop a comment(some of them will just drop a comment just becuase their name is on the photo or post, even if it's not relevant to them).

3. Longer time on News feed: If the Post is getting comments, share and likes, it will definitely remain on feed for longer time. (try to reply to all comments, with mention also) .

4. Increased Traffic Back to your website or blog. The more popular your promotion post is, the more traffic back to your site, affiliate or sales page increases.

5. More sales = More money. The more exposure your campaign get, the more traffic it drives to the expected end and that means more money for you.

The good news is that blogger.com users can now mention people on their blog post. Just mention, share to googlePlus and allow google to do the rest job for you. E.g +DarrellEtherington , @JonathanShieba , +LindaIkeji , @Buchi Okafor ..... how to mention poeple on your post

Enjoy Blogging