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Nigeria News

Ebola, Discrimination On West Africans.

 Ebola Patient being attended to

Some times i wonder how civilized these people who call themselfs advanced or developed nations are.

Why will some one with a right thinking cap, refuse the Students from Nigeria and Ghana entry to their country and futher ask then to return back to their various countries, for the fear of Ebola Virus Disease? (EVD).

Am sure these people have gone "LOKO"( they've lost their sanity). For crying out loud (COL) Ghana has never recorded any EVD case. So why will you refuse her citizens entry, on the account of EVD threat if you haven't gone loko.

Nigeria was recently declared Ebola Free by World Health Organization, after satisfying the required 42days of "No Ebola Case". Are you saying that WHO is wrong on it's decision or you know it better ("ITK")?.

Or could it be that these people have no access to internet and foreign news media?. Maybe it's a language barrier, wakeUp guys.

Listen and hear me for good, NIGERIA IS EBOLA VIRUS DISEASE FREE

Come to think of it, i thought Dominican Republic is a creation of islamic state militants. I never knew it has what it takes to reject a citizen of the largest country and Economy in africa. Wonders they said never ends.

Am still finger crossed and watching, just to see how events unfold.