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Twitter: 12 Ways To Boost Your Twitter Following, By SPNews

Twitter Follow Me
Get More Twitter Followers With These Simple Steps

Having More Twitter Following helps your online campaign, coz with more Twitter Followers you are certain of reaching more potential clients and customers. And if your Twitter campaign is well designed, it could serve as a good traffic source back to your website.

As a micro-blogging site that has grown into one of the most popular social media sites available, twitter enables you to communicate with your followers by sending them short messages called tweets. These tweets can be used to build your business but you have to start by building relationships with your followers.

Twitter has close to one billion active users, a powerful tool in the online marketing sphere.

The Very first step with twitter is to focus on building followers and relationship also with your followers.

Here are 12 Ways and things you can do On Twitter to boost your following and build your business.

1. Complete Your Profile And Make It Interesting Also– You are only allowed 160 characters to sum up who you are in your profile so it has to be better than good. If you are tweeting for your business be sure to use your real name. For people to easily identify with you.
You need to be straightforward and let people know who you are. Use a photo of yourself. A photo that can identify with your brand or message you are preaching. Include your professional skills and/or accomplishments in your bio and ad your website link.

2. Tweet Timing– There are good times and bad times to tweet, so do some testing and find the best times to tweet. Finding the best tweet times is not easy but there are tools to help you. Tweriod analyzes your tweets and your followers’ tweets to give you the best times. Tweet-when will let you know the days and times when you get the most retweets.

3. No Harm In RepeatIng Your Popular Tweets– A lot of people would say to you, " always post new and interesting information" but if you repeat your popular posts periodically, it will help you get more followers. Just search for your name and see which posts got the most replies and retweets. Repost those tweets a few times but not too close together. 4. Use Follow Autofollow– Some Twitter experts encourage the use of Autofollow. This is an automated service that allows Twitter users to automatically follow people who have followed them. Look for people who follow a lot of people but have the same amount of followers. This could be an indication of Autofollow. If you follow that person, they will automatically follow you back. But be careful of spam followers. They will be following thousands of people but will not have the same amount of followers like a person using Autofollow.

5. Sell/Promote Your Twitter Account Any How– Spread the news about your Twitter account to your blog readers and website visitors, other social media friends, subscribers and anyone else you can. Post it on your website, link to it in your email, connect from your other social site accounts, etc. Use any means you can think of to let people know about your Twitter account and why they should follow you.

6. Variety is allowed On Twitter– Many people claim that variety is One spice of life, so carry that idea over to your Twitter account. Don’t get stuck up on one subject or topics. Offer a wide array of interesting, quotes, events, images, links, etc.

7. Constant and Regular Updates- To more followers on Twitter you need to constantly Tweet, and you don't just Tweet, Tweet something that people can talk about and easily retweet. Most people who enjoy your Tweets will love to follow You.

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Give Your Social Media Accounts A Face lift

 social mediaHurry! It's time to give Your business social Media profile a face lift. Just as every home, offices, street, communities, and States entry points are receiving some form of decoration and beautification. It's also time when companies change their brand and products looks and feels , but a lot of them forget their Social Media profile.

It's not just good enough to update your business profile regularly, it is also very important to wear your profile a unique, attractive and user friendly new looks.

Action Point: Profile Picture, Cover Photo, Video, Audio, Custom Tabs.
1. You may not change your profile Picture it's your brand image, but you can change it's look, maybe size (if it's too small, you may want to increase the size for better communication) and colour to reflect the true identity of your brand or even just to identify with the season.

2. Cover Photo can be changed from time to time, so it's time to choose a cover image that will appeal to your fans and customers (which ever it may be) and at the same time reflect the spirit of the season.

Video and Audio materials can help you communicate with your customers. Make a short video about your product, it could be about holiday sales, promotions etc, use any of the yuletide songs on the background and upload it to your social media account . This will catch the attention of many who yet to join your page and at the same time keep your customers talking and sharing.

Customising your tabs will make your page more interesting and user friendly.

Just make sure that your social media profile reflects the true identity of you business and at the same time preaches and recognises the Spirit of this Season.

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5 Star Power Of Tagging/Mention

Tag and Mention are great free marketing tool, you can grow your business with Tagging and Mention. A lot of newbie Internet Marketers often ignore these great tool, while the big boys are sucking it 101%

The Tag and mention Tool are some of great benefits of Social media. Your social media marketing can not be complete without tagging friends, places ..... Here are the 5 Powers and benefits of Tagging and Mention, and the right application.

1. Exposure: Tag and Mention gives your campaign more exposure. Let say you mention/tag 10 of your friends/followers on your post, and each of them having 200 friends. you are indirectly reaching additional 1000 (50%) potential followers/customers and more.

2. More Comment: once you tag or mention someone on your post, they will be notified (not just on news feed) and once they come online they may like to check out what it's all about, and if they find it relevant or interesting, they will surely drop a comment(some of them will just drop a comment just becuase their name is on the photo or post, even if it's not relevant to them).

3. Longer time on News feed: If the Post is getting comments, share and likes, it will definitely remain on feed for longer time. (try to reply to all comments, with mention also) .

4. Increased Traffic Back to your website or blog. The more popular your promotion post is, the more traffic back to your site, affiliate or sales page increases.

5. More sales = More money. The more exposure your campaign get, the more traffic it drives to the expected end and that means more money for you.

The good news is that blogger.com users can now mention people on their blog post. Just mention, share to googlePlus and allow google to do the rest job for you. E.g +DarrellEtherington , @JonathanShieba , +LindaIkeji , @Buchi Okafor ..... how to mention poeple on your post

Enjoy Blogging