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Whatsapp Calling: How it works and How to Activate It

Whatsapp Calling Image
The Whatsapp Voice Call Feature and the Truth about how to Activate It

There has been a whole lot of misinformation and spamming surrounding the Whatsapp Voice Call Feature(WVCF), hence the need for us to state some fact clearly here.

Here are 7 Facts you should Know About WVCF

1. You can't get the Whatsapp Calling Feature(WCF) Activated on your Smartphone by Sending a particular Message/s to 8 or more people on your Whatsapp contact.
2. Whatapp Call is only available NOW for Android, IOS and Blackberry10 users only.
3. You need the latest Version (V.560) of Whatsapp to be able to receive and make calls on the app using your Smartphone.
4. The Calling Feature CANNOT activate automatically even after you have Install the latest Version of the app.
5. You need an active user who is already enjoying the Call Feature to call you before it can be activated on your Smartphone(very difficult aspect of it).
6. The Call should last for few minutes for you to get activated(it may not work if the person just calls you and hang up immediately)
7. There is no guarantee that the Call Feature will be activated once you receive the Call. You may want to try again and again until it gets activated on your smartphone.

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Please Note: the Whatsapp calling Feature(WCF) is still on the testing stage, so whatsoever you experience using the feature at this moment, you may want to endure it for sometime(there surly must be few bug for now. It understandable).

The WCF will surly be one of the best coz it makes use of your Data unit and Wifi service, unlike other app with similar feature...Skype, Google Talk......

Now you know the Truth! Why don't you go ahead and share it?.
"Share the Truth and Not the Rumour".
Thank you.