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The Failure To Begin Is Actually The Beginning Of Failure

failure to begin
The beginning of Failure is the Failure to begin. Buchibrand.

If you can only take the first step, getting there becomes so easy.
"Someone said a journey of a thousand miles, starts with T-fare", but i totally disagree with that it's a misconception. The journey actually begins with your willingness and readiness to move. You never knew what could play along the way, you could get a free ride to a certain point you know?.
 Just Begin Something
So do not wait for T-fare, just make a move. Like my big Daddy in the Lord (Pastor E.A Adeboye) once said.
If you cannot soar, Fly, if you can't Fly run , if you can't run walk, if you can't walk, Crawl. Just make sure you are moving,
The pace to which you progress does not really matter much, what matters most is that you are making progress.

If you don't make a move, you can never get there.

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7 Unique Things Successful People Does

 Bill Gates
7 Unique and remarkable Things Successful People In The World Practise.

These are some of the unique things successful men and women do. It is not easy to be successful and yet very easy to achieve success in our endeavours.

 Warren Buffett

1. Successful people read alot. They seek knowledge from all source; books, newspaper, magazine, novel.... They don't stop acquiring knowledge.

2. Success people are Big Dreamers: Joseph the dreamer descendants. The dream of Joseph was so huge that his brothers could not comprehend it. They thought selling him to exile will stop his dreams, "you can only sell the dreamer but you can not sell his dreams". He held on to his dreams and it later came to pass. Successful People dream big and held on to it.

3. Successful People are success thinkers. They are always positive, no matter what that situation is like, they kept their faith alive always. They never see failure, they see opportunity in every failure or disappointment.

Aliko Dangote

4. They create opportunity for themselves, they do not wait for opportunities. They create a platform for themselves and even others, they wait for no body including their parents, community or government to give them a platform.

7 Unique Things Successful People In The World Today Do

5. They respond to situations, rather than react. If you throw an apple seed on them, they will plant it and wait for it to germinate and bring forth more apple. If you tell them that Lagos traffic is too bad, they will tell you how much you can make out of it. Give them bullshit, fowl-shit, Dog-shit and see them process it, turn it into manure and sell it back to you for money, If you turn them down at the first time , they will go back, make necessary adjustments and come back to try again, rather than feel rejected or retire to fate.

7 Unique Things Success People do, that you may not do

6. They are pace setter, someone said Ronaldo is a goal scorrer while Messi is a match winner, Ronaldo Scores the Goals and Messi breaks and sets up a new record. Successful people aspire for greater things, they don't settle for the less. They are always hungry to do what no one has ever done, unlike their opposite who simply copy or follow. (follow follow people)

7 Unique Things Successful People Do Which Others Don't Do
7. They are big risk takers: "No Risk No success, Little Risk, Little Success , Big Risk Big Success". Successful people invest their money to researching new things, yes they fail many times, but at the end when the finished product is out, people pay huge sum of money to get access to it. That is Success.

You may also be interested on 7 Dangerous Habits That Could Lead You To Poverty

As I always say, "mirror yourself in this words" and see if you are in the path to success or not. No time is too late to do a turn and head for the right path.
"Success is a vehicle, you are the driver"!

7 Dangerous Habits That Could Lead You To Poverty

 Poverty Is Dangerous
If your exhibiting any or all of these habits mentioned below, you may be heading for poverty. Note: this is not for those already poor, you may be doing well, nice job, nice pay... But if you manifest any of this, poverty may be your last bustop.

1. If you often drink, go to bar, club or attend any other social event on your "Pay Day" with friends or girl friend, poverty is knocking on your door.

2. If you are still on a pay job, or trying to build your own business up and still "Do hard Drug" , you are heading for poverty. You Will loose your job, run down your little capital on drugs or probably go insane.

3. If you have settled in your mind that You Will become rich through, casino, lottery, pool, baba ijebu, or any other form of gambling. Sorry, poverty is already in your brain and a poor brain can not make you rich.

4. If you spend more than 70% of your salary, wages or proceeds from your business weekly, monthly or even annually, poverty is in your neighborhood.

5. If your total expenses runs above Or equals your net income. You are running on autopilot , the system will crash soon and poverty is waiting for you at the crash site.

6. If you buy things , or spend on things just to receive acolades or just because others or going for the same thing. You don't want look to different or for people to think you are poor, even if it means exceeding your annual spending budget. poverty will be your comfort when you realise what you have done to your self.

7. If all your friends are poor and you enjoy hanging around them on regular basis, you all chat and remain satisfied with your present situation. You are going down the valley of poverty.

Hope this helps you adjust your way of life. This article is aimed at helping you adjust to avoid the worst. wealth and riches is of the mind, poverty creeps in gradually. Beware.

The Overflowing Youth

The Overflow Rccg

To be called an Overflowing Youth, you must have been able to influenced your generation positively to a point where you are considered a solution provider.

For an Overflowing child of God to silence the enemies of the cross in this end time, you must be a proof producer. Coz "If you have no proof you have no point".

Our world today is full of ordinary people, people who do almost the same kind of things, the world is tired of all these. It takes an ordinary man who has the Extra of God to Become Extraordinary, which is the level of Overflowing.

The world seek after pace setters, higher standard setters and not record breakers. It's unfortunate that the Youth of our days are striving to break records that had been set 10 to 30 years ago. Who will set a higher record for the generations yet unborn?.

Note Before: "Youthfulness is not synonymous to Restiveness" a youth that want to Overflow, must lead this generation by example, preach the word, support the needy, provide answers to difficult questions (like Daniel did), fight the battle that no one can (just like David did) and get the victory and Crown that no one else has ever gotten (Just Like Joseph).

God is still searching for more Natural men to add his Super to them, for them to become SuperNatural. Are you ready to make your self available for God to use?. David suddenly became a national wonder, he recieved a Presidential/National Reward and Honour


If you are an Overflowing youth,
1. kings and great men will seek after you.
2. Decision will not be taken till you spoke. Infact men will not sit, no meeting will hold until you arrive (that was what happened to David.
3. you will suddenly become a national Icon just like David. "those who solve national problems receive a national honour".

You will receive an award that no one has ever gotten or position that never existed, it is called customized miracle. Joseph got the position that never was Gen: 41..

demons and all your enemies will come and Bow to you.

5. All round success, favour and Blessing just like David, he got riches, honour and wife.


To be continued

My Desire and Prayer For You

Jesus Prayed For Peter, Paul Prayed for Israel, and am also Praying for You to be saved.

Jesus knew what it will cost the kingdom if Peter was allowed to be taken over by the devil, a lot of souls would have been lost to the kingdom of darkness.
Let Us Pray:Almighty Father i want to thank you for yet another privilege to be blessed by your word, please oh lord, help us to know you more, and that every soul reading this post may be Saved in Jesus Name. Amen.


Friends, your soul is very important to the kingdom of Heaven and that's is the more reason am praying for you. Jesus knew what great lost it would be to the kingdom of our dear Lord, if Peter was to be taken over by the devil. Jesus prayed for him and encouraged him to pray for others when he realizes himself. Thank God for that, over a million souls would have been lost.

Paul on the other hand followed suit, to pray for all Israel to be saved. He knew how important they are to God (remember all the battle God fought for and with them) and Heaven, if God should allow Israel (Christians) to perish then the sacrifice on the cross is almost a waste.

Friends, my prayer for you today is that you may come to the full knowledge of God, so that you can call upon him and be saved. V13 "for whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved" . Call upon God today and he will surely save your soul from the danger that looms ahead. Jesus loves you so much, He came, bore and died for your sins.

You don't have to pay for your sins anymore, Jesus has paid all the debt you owe to sin, you are now a SON and not a slave (if you accept Jesus as your lord and saviour), don't allow the devil to deceived, you are Free indeed.
Read 2Corinthians 5:17 and John 1:12.
Stay Heaven Focused.

Source and Inspiration : The Holy Spirit through the Word Of God.
Heaven is Real, Hell is also Real.
Accept Jesus Today

Lord Shine Your Light On My Thoughts

You Are What You Think.

What ever you think in your heart and believe, that is surely what will manifest in your life. Positive thinking attracts Positive Progress, while Negative thoughts brings about Negative Progress or stagnancy. It's better not to make a move than to Progress in the Negative Direction
Let Us Pray:Father we thank you this day for your love and kindness, blessed be your name oh lord. Please lord, teach us again your word and reveal your mind to us in Jesus Name. Amen.


If you want to make positive progress in life, then you need to delight yourself in the lord and the book of life. The bible has all that is required for you to make positive progress. It is the book of wisdom and Wisdom is the principal thing, which you must stive to get no matter what it cost(Prov. 4:5-7).

The great inventions, Industries and Businesses in the world today, started from thoughts and imagination. What are you always thinking of? , where are you seeing yourself tomorrow, Who and What do you call yourself?. All this are what is required for you to make a positive progress, but unfortunately you can not achieve wisdom through imagination or thinking, wisdom comes from God.

The good news here is that Gd is thinking about your progress, and he knows that you can't do it on your own. James 1:5 "if any lack wisdom, let him ask of God...." go ahead and ask now. Also, you need to make the word of God your best friend to make positve progress (Joshua 1:8).

God has given you his word to guide you (Psm. 119:105) forsake it not, run your daily race on the word of God. Make the word of God your breakfast and dinner
.God bless you real good.
Source and Inspiration : The Holy Spirit Of God, through the word of God.

Heaven is Real, Hell is also Real.
Accept Jesus Today

God Has The Solution To Your Challenges


God himself has design some special speed breakers on our ways to always get our attention. So each time you get to that point, you are forced to look up to God.
Let Us Pray: Our Loving father we wanna thank you for this awesome moment, lord as we search through your word, please grant to us Light and understanding in Jesus Name. Amen.


JOB was apparently asking for God's house address, to him, it will be better to just go very close to God, perhaps to see his face, just to be sure He's aware of what He was facing. But look at the reality here, JOB was more concerned about God than his woes.

If you focus on your troubles and challenges, you will make no progress because they will drag you down and down untill you are completely useless. But focus on God, and they will all become history in just a twinkle of an eye.(Psm. 121).

JOB patiently wrote and passed his exams, despite the fact that He wasn't suppose to be in that class at the first place, by the virtue of God's testimony concerning Him(JOB 1:8). Yet he endured and went through it without cursing God. JOB understood the greatness of God, he knew what God has done for him in the Past, so he was very ready to wait on God Till the desired Change comes(JOB 14:14).

. The Answer is God, so, look up to him when you are passing through the mockey waters of life, he's always waiting for you "At The Other Side". JOB got double of all he lost (read JOB 42:10-17) , he had more children, more wealth and God also added 140 years of Peace and abundance to him.
God allowed JOB to see and enjoy his Children, So shall it be for you.
That challenges you are going through now will produce a world class testimony for you, to the glory of God In Jesus Name. Amen!

Source and Inspiration : The Word For Today(GSAF) and The Holy Spirit.

Heaven is Real, Hell is also Real.
Accept Jesus Today

10 Powerful Prayer Points From Pastor E.A.Adeboye

Pastor E.A. Adeboye

I Just decided to Share this Prayer Points from Daddy G.O. (pastor E.A. Edebooye) during the last Holy Ghost Service in 2014 at the Redemption camp, this November with you.

I decided to share it with you because it has started working for me, and am sure it will work for you also if you believe.

Now Pray it with all seriousness. Pastor E. A. Adeboye ask us pray it for good One Hour.
1. Praise God for his mercy that kept you up to this moment

2. Promise God to testify of any breakthrough that comes your way henceforth

(if you don't thank God for all he has done for you, how will you expect him to do more for you?)

3. Father, if my faith is too small, please help my unbelief

4. Father, please have mercy on me and my family today

5. Father, please hold my hand and help me.(Isaiah.41)

6. Father, please uproot every mountain of sorrow in my life

7. Father, put an end to every drainage in my life(things that are draining your resources, it culd be sickness...)

. 8. Father, please don't let my expectations be cut off.

9. Father, another year is ended, please remember me before it's too late.

10. Add your expectations(all your personal request comes in here).

Pray for an hour if you can. May God answer your Prayers in Jesus Name. Amen.

Recognise And Walk In God's Will

Word For Today


"Once you accept that he is the Leader and you are the follower", it becomes so easy to do his will.
Let Us Pray, Almighty father we bless your name for today, please dear lord, grant us understanding of your word this hour in Jesus Name. Amen.

PROVERBS 3:6. "In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths". KJV

"If you do not understand the will of God, it becomes an avenue for insecurity, but when you are sure that you are walking on the will of the master, you become so bold as the Lion".

Walking in God's will makes the jorney of life so easy, it guarantees maximum security, provision and speed.

Look at what Jesus himself said "I can of my own self do nothing: as I hear, I judge: and my judgement is just; because I seek not mine own will, but the will of the father which hath sent me "(John 5:30. KJV).

Are you willing and ready to surrender your own will an follow God's will?. That is the only way to go about it.
Your own will can fail you but God's will can never (there is no mistake in God).

Source and Inspiration : The Word For Today(GSAF) and The Holy Spirit.

Heaven is Real, Hell is also Real.
Accept Jesus Today

"Master"- Word For Today

 Word For Today Banner

Principalities, Powers, Poverty, Lack, Diseases all bow down to the Master.
Let Us Pray: Lord Jesus we thank you, we appreciate you for the grace to see another beautiful day like this, may your name be praised forever. Father teach us your word this hour, and take all the glory in Jesus Name we've prayed. Amen.

LUKE 5:5 "And Simon answering said unto him, "MASTER", we have toiled all the night, and have taken nothing: nevertheless at thy word I will let down the net."
They were consumed by their predicament, they had toiled all night without a catch. Disappointment, frustration and sense of failure has taken over there life, at that point it was all over, because they were already washing their nets. That was when The Master showed up.

Jesus waited for them to exhaust all their wisdom, expertise and strength. Why? Because as long as you still think you can solve your problems on your own, you can't reach out for the Master. Have you been completely overwhelmed by situations a circumstances that sorrounds your life?

Probably you now belong to the group of those who are saying "is God truly alive"? Is he really seeing all that is happening to me? Can't he see that i was falsely accused and sacked? You can continue that all day, but that will do you more harm than good.

Only what is required of you, is to go down on your knees before the Master and ask him to take over. Then, learn to obey every of his word, even when it makes no sense. Peter was an expert in fishing yet he said "Master, at your word i will let down the net" and he did, look at the result of total obedience to God. A net braking and Ship sinking Testimony (v 6-7).

Beloved, there is nothing difficult for God to do in your life, the problem is with you. You have practically refuse to allow him take over, you are still struggling with him. The Master will allow you to exhaust your ability before he steps in.

Surrender all to him today, because he has a better plan for you (Jerem. 29:11).

Source and Inspiration : The Word For Today(GSAF) and The Holy Spirit.

Heaven is Real, Hell is also Real. Accept Jesus Today

Until Your Last Breath, Live For God

The Word For Today

Keep the fire upon your Alter burning till your last breath.
Let Us Pray: Almighy Father we wanna bless your name today for yet another previlege to study your word, let the entrance of your word bring light and let it bring understanding unto the simple, in Jesus Name We've prayed. Amen.

PSALM 91:16 "WIth long life will i satisfy him, and show him my salvation."(KJV)

God has assured you of longavity, what will you be doing for him during these years?, what will you give him in return?. Alexandre Dumas when he was asked "How do you grow old so gracefully?" replied and said "because i give all my time to it." if you are fifty and above, instead of date on a calender, let your age be measured with your spiritual progress.

Enoch lived for 365 years, Enoch walked with God all the days o f his life, he lived for God, he enjoyed God's presence daily and finally God took him away, he never knew death. What a glorious exit for Enoch. What about you?, how do you want your end to be.

Are you banking on your old glory, accomplishments and exploits for God?, Joshua defeated 31 Kings, possessed their land and retired, he felt he had achieved a lot but God told him and still telling you today "...there remaineth yet much land to be possessed" (Joshua 13:1 KJV).
Do you think there are no more people to preach to?.

There is no Retirement age in heavens army, fire on, the commander in chief is solidly behind you always to make the mission easy for you. Many are still waiting to recieve the good news with joy and gladness, reach out to them today. The only way to live for God until your last breath is in MATTHEW 28:19-20.
Source and Inspiration : The Word For Today(GSAF) and The Holy Spirit.

Heaven is Real, Hell is also Real.
Accept Jesus Today

Confronting Your Fears Pt.2

the word for today
How Do I confront My Fears?

To confront means to come Face to Face. It is the ability to face your enemy eye bulb to eye bulb and tell him or her, you can't stop me: am destined for greatness and i must get there.

Let Us Pray; Father in the name of Jesus, as we are about to study your word this hour, please grant to us an understanding heart, your spirit and the grace to be the doer of your word. Thank you dear lord, for in Jesus name we have prayed, Amen.

1 CORINTHIANS 2:5. "That your faith should not stand in the wisdom on men, but in the power of God."(KJV)

Not By Power Or By Wisdom Of Man, But By Spirit and Power Of God

"One of the greatest breakthroughs in modern psychology is the law of Resersibility". Here is the way it works. Acting according to your feelings, consenting to your feelings with ease. Dallas Willard said "you can live opposite of what you profess, but can't can live opposite of what you believe". Your actions, the things you say and the way you do thing is an evidence of what you believe (As a believer your actions must match with your faith).

Pick up Courage. "There are two kinds of courage, the first requires action. President Andrew Jack said, "Take time to deliberate but when the time for action arrives, stop thinking and go in. One man with courage makes a majority".
The second kind of courage requires Patience, it calls for endurance, perseverance and longsuffering (which is the fruit of the spirit expected of every christ believer to manifest) Heb. 10: 36. After you have done your best and all that is required, there is still a call to wait on God, for you to get your desired result.

Fear creates limitations between you, God and Success and it's about time you stand up to your fears, not by your power but by the word of God and say to it "enough". By strength shall no man prevail , it has nothing to do with your level of Education or ability,(Ecles. 9: 11) it is by the grace of God.

James 1:5 "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God.....it shall be given him".. Ask God to help you to confront and conquer all your fears today, he will surely help you.

God Bless You Real Good.

Source and Inspiration : The Word For Today(GSAF) and The Holy Spirit.

Heaven is Real, Hell is also Real.
Accept Jesus Today

Confront Your Fears-Word For Today

The Word For Today
ISAIAH 41: 10
Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness. (KJV)

There are different kinds of FEAR. There is a kind of FEAR that warns you to keep off from Fire. Another kind of FEAR cultivates respect for God (Psalms 2: 11 , Proverds 1: 7). Oswald Chambers said, "when you fear God, you don't have to fear anything else" .

Are you feeling helpless, afraid of criticism from your parents or peers?, each time you want to do something new it springs up, always there hunting you. There is also the fear of failing, which could give birth to total failure if left undiscarded. Remember what Job said in the book of Job 2: 25 " for the thing which i greatly feared is come upon me..."(what will you do if that which you greatly fear come upon you now?)
There is also another kind of fear, which i consider to be the worst. The fear of unknown which is the creation of your imagination. What if i loose my Job, what if i loose my legs now, what if she dies now, what if! What if! What if!. God has assured you that he is and will always be with you, so why are you still afraid?, will God promise and not fulfill?. Fear Not! .

"Faith calls us out of our comfort zone to learn new skills and minister in different ways, but we get uptight". We ask our self "what if God asks me to do what i can't do..." do not rely on your understanding because it will fail you. God knew you before you were born, he chose you and when ever you are confronted with new challenges, He strengthens you by providing all necessary tools, just to prove to you that he is capable of doing it.

Friends, put your trust in God, fear no More. Since Faith is the Opposite and enemy of fear, i will encourage you to embrace FAITH.

God Bless You Real Good.

Source and Inspiration : The Word For Today(GSAF) and The Holy Spirit.

Heaven is Real, Hell is also Real.
Accept Jesus Today

Spirit Of Lagos 500,000 Naira Awoof Money For 3 Minute Song

Spirit Of Lagos Song Competition
3 Minute Song For 500,000 Naira

This is just to inform you that the Spirit Of Lagos Song Competition Is Still ON. Are you aware of it?

Incase you have not heard about it, this is actually not new, it has been ON for about a month now or there about. The Lagos State Ministry of Environment is trying all it could to restore Lagos to it's good old days.

The Spirit Of Lagos Initiative is to get Lagos residents to care for each other and to take care of the environment, which is key. It is aimed at promoting patrotism, responsible living, obedience to traffic and environmental laws and maintainance of government owned infrastruture.

If you are good at singing, hurry now, record an audio or video song for Lagos, not longer than 3 minutes. Criteria: the song must promote peaceful co-existence among Lagosians, good moral values, etc.

Visit https://www.facebook.com/spiritoflagos or www.spiritoflagos.com to submit your entry and to get more information.

Do not say i don't know how to sing, just take a chance, who knows maybe they are not looking for best of Voices . Secondly, if you miss the 500,000 Naira grand prize, you can also win 200,000 or 100,000 Naira, for First and second runner Up.

You can do it, only a try is what is needed, and if you win, do not forget you got the gist on my TatafoAmeboTainment Blog.

Good Luck to you.

Linda Ikeji's Blog Removal and Restoration

Lessons To Be Learnt.

The "TatafoAmebotainment gist" started of like an akpos joke and graduated to plagiarism allegation. Just as every body was busy insulting and calling "The Man in the mirror" names (bad belle, haters, ndi iro, blah, blah! blah!) ,the whole scenario took a new dimension ...

It got to a point when it became so clear that the big hammer of Google, will come down on Linda Ikeji's Blog..... As if it was a prophecy, the unexpected happened. The Linda Ikeji's blog was removed by google.... Celebration for "ndi iro" (haters).

Some started celebrating the down fall of the big iroko tree, while others where busy trading blames ..."her haters have succeeded", "her enemies have done their wish", "there is godiiooo", "people are wicked" "ndi iro are happy now"....those were some of the reactions from most of Linda Ikeji's Blog followers in social media and Nairaland Forum.

On the other part of the divide was her true lovers, friends and fans, praying for her to overcome her challenges and bounce back Better and Bigger.
Just as all that was going on all around the internet world, Linda Ikeji's Blog was restored. (within 24 hours or there about), amazing! Some people couldn't believe it, while on the other hand were people celebrating and thanking God for Linda Ikeji.

How Was It Made Possible?.

Something of that nature usually takes between a week and forever to be resolved , because most people are still waiting for their blog to be restored after one year now, and nothing has so far been done.

Finally, Linda Ikeji through her blog told the story of what transpired between her and the purported enemy. I don't want to go into what happened because am sure you know all that., but incase you don't know. Here is The True Story of What Happened Between Linda Ikeji and Mr Aye Dee


1. It is said that "when you are big, you are big" and "when you are large, you are in charge". Learn not to abandon those who helped you UP. Those who picked you up when you were nothing, dust you up and gave you a platform, never you forsake them.

2. Do not build an empire on a free land, the land owner may decide to come for his property tomorrow. The question he will ask you is "if you are this rich why don't you pay to own this land or acquire yours somewhere else" (he may ask you to remove what ever you have on his land).

3. Make good use of every opportunity you have in life. Use your present to plan your future.

4. Never get satisfied with what ever level of success you have acheived today, there is always a space UP.

5. Do not allow other peolpe to run your show for you, take charge. I was surprised to hear her said she does not own lindaikeji .com or .net . Why will she allow other people (competitors) to be ahead of her trying to dictate the pace for her???. "please help me to ask her when you see her, okay" .

6. Any one can fall at any point in time, no matter how highly placed and connected you are. Let your shock Absorber remain intact at all times.(always have a Plan B, like FIFA).

7. If you fall today, you can still rise up again tomorrow. Lazarus was in the grave for 4days but when the saviour arrived, he came back alive.
Jesus also, was in the grave for 3days, but the grave couldn't stop him from fulfilling his divine purpose

Are you in the down side of life today? I have a good news for you, YOUR TOMORROW WILL BE BETTER and BRIGHTER. Just hold on to your faith, never you give up because "quitters never win" (Linda Ikeji didn't quit, so don't).
Just a little more upward push and you are there.

The TatafoAmebotainment is that Mr Aye Dee is interested in the Lady, the man want the babe by all means. "Not talk say i tell you o"

Welcome Once again to Buchibrand's Blog.