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2-1. It's Over...All The Gragra Of Chelsea Is Finally Laid To Rest...Newcastle United!

 Jose Mourinho
2-1 It ended. Newcastle! Newcastle United!! You guys are Game Changers, you just stole away the Pride, Glory, Joy, and Bragging Right Of Jose Mourinho and His Blues Side.

Sorry to Jose Mourinho and his Chelsea side. What looks like an Invincible Squad has been made to look ordinary by this "Heartless" Newcastle United side. Finally it's over.

The truth remains that Chelsea under Mourinho has never found St'James Park a nice trading ground. So this will not really come as surprise to good history students.
 Chelsea Players
What is left to be clear now is if this downward trend is gonna stop here or continue. It's often the lot of most teams when they loose what they have been fighting for, just like Chelsea did saturday too loose more points in subsequent matches.

well I wish they quickly "dust this off to try again" in their future encounters. Goodluck to you.

Invincible Chelsea Squad, Who Can Stop Them?

 Chelsea playersThe present Chelsea Squad Seems quit invincible, who Can Stop them?.
14 EPL games unbeaten and still waxing very strong, who Can challenge them?.

Defeated their london rivals Tottenham By 3 goals to Nil, who can catch them?.
6 points clear at the top of the league table, who Can bring them down?.
Has a very wonderful coach, a success oriented manager, who Can dare him.?

Currently doing well in all competition, who is not afraid to confront them?.
Chelsea! Chelsea!! Mighty Chelsea!!! Una too much joor, no one be like you.