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Mass Jail Break In Nigeria Again? Tunga Prison Attacked and Over 200 Escaped

Another Jail Break Again, The Third In 2 Months. The Recent Mass Jail Break In Tunga a suburb or Abuja, Should Raise a lot Of Concerns to Your Security Formation

Over 200 inmates escaped from the most recent successful jail break attempt in Tunga Prison. What is actually going on in this country?.

Last month it was in Ekiti State, the prison officials there stated that the attackers came and destroyed the gate with dynamite and over 250 inmates escaped, they are yet to track down 25% of the escaped inmates when the recent one occurred.
Jail break
I don't think the sacking and replacing of the Controller Of Prisons will solve the problem on ground. What I think Nigeria needs now, is the total overhaul of your prison system, security Formation and our criminal law systems. A lot of infrastructural upgrade is urgently need to be carried out in all Prisons in Nigeria also.