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Jonathan May HandOver To Military Instead Of Buhari

Nigerian Army
I don't know if you have gotten a text message flying arounds, claiming to be from top South-South and South-East Leaders Coalition?.

The said message reads thus: "Dear Nwafo Igbo, we just want to inform you of the master plan of the Igbo land concerning Nigeria. Since our illustrious son and brother, GoodLuck Ebele Jonathan has failed to win the elections, we have decide to deploy our "plan B" which is to hand Over the power to the military.
Once this is done, the Yoruba's and the Hausa's will want to protest and that will result into a big war in Nigeria. Then it will avail us the much awaited opportunity to declare the Biafran State, which we all have long anticipated.
You are hereby advised to remain calm where ever you are in Igbo land and if you are not in Igboland, find your way home.
Signed: Odinma Ndi Igbo."

If this is anything to go by, it's a clear indication that Jonathan or people around him have perfected plans to boycott #May29Th.

I want to get your responds to this serious national issue.
If you've gotten the said Sms, share it with us here. We really need to confirm the authenticity of this story.

Thank you

DSS Arrested Jega And Buhari Kidnapped By Boko Haram

Attahiru JegaBreaking News: the latest news coming out of Nigeria now is that the chairman of the Independent National Election Commission(INEC) prof. Atahiru Jega has been arrested 10minutes ago by the Department Of Security Service(DSS) officers, for alleged election malpractices and Fraud.

As if this was a coordinated operation, the president elect, Rtd.General Muhammadu Buhari has been taken away at about the same time by unknown gun men suspected to be members of the Boko Haram terrorist group.

The opposition party, APC are pointing towards the Military to be behind the kidnap of their Leader and President elect.

Fingers crossed as we watch how these mysterious events unfold

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