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Fire Emergency Update In Lagos: Mr Rasaq Fadipe

Fire Issues In Lagos
Mr Rasaq Fadipe, the Lagos State Fire Service Commander said this Morning via a phone Chat with RC 102.Fm correspondent "BoBo".

Fire Emergency In Lagos
He confirmed that there are many fire Emergency In and around Lagos since yesterday, "It has been a busy night, Trying to Put out fire In various locations"
The affected areas are Kirikiri, Back Of Man Dealers, FCMB Marina(8 fire Emergency incidents since yesterday, fire battle ongoing).

Mr Fadipe further stated that "as we were busy battling the fire at Balogun Market, we got another 15 Emergency calls of Fire incident" and we have been responding to all.

When responding to the question "what are the causes of the fire incidents", mr Rasaq told the reporters that the complaints have been High Voltage Of Electricity, but he argued that "high voltage can not cause surge if you take necessary precautions".

He further warned Lagosians to "turn of any electrical appliance they are not making use of, not just that, they should go ahead to unplug it from the wall sucket"

Further more, he appealed to Smokers to avoid indiscriminate cigarette end disposal "look for a safe place to dispose it, and ensure you put off the fire before doing so" he stated.

The harmatan season is actually a major enhancement for fire Emergency, so Lagosians and Nigerians are to Beware of Naked Wires and illegal electricity connections.