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Hurry! 12 Solid Hours Of Huge Awoof Discount Shopping Experience Is Live On Jumia and Konga... 12/12

Poll In The Streets Of Lagos:
Quest: What Will You Rather Do Tomorrow 12/12 ?

Resp1: what else if not to Shop and Shop and Shop On online with my mobile phone!
Resp2: me I go close a lot Of stock online today, they go hear am!
Resp3: Wait For the Best Deals online, shop and go To Redeemed Camp for THE GREAT SHEPHERD DAY5 later.
Resp4: I don't wanna miss this 12 hours of shopping with huge discount.
Resp5: I dont know whether to call it Blue Or Red Friday, but am for sure gonna be taking advantage of the huge discount today to Shop more. Thank You.

QUEST: So Where Will You Rather Be Shopping?
Resp1: Konga Dot Com of course.
Resp2: You still the ask? Kong Store Online or nowhere else!
Resp3. My One and Only Konga all the way. Or do you want me to be where I will not be able to get one product before the day runs out?. Resp4. Are you still asking me? Na who no like Awoof? KONGA XMAS STORE FOR SURE
Resp5: I will be targeting deals from two different sites today. Konga Store and Amazon Store I don't want to be told.

QUES: So what are the products you intend shopping today?

Resp1: Electronics
Resp2: Tablet,
Resp3. As a lady, I will in the Fashion segment having fun.
Resp3: Electronics (Television and Home Theatre System)
Resp4: Office Equipments
I need to change some things in my office.
Fashion (Shoes and Bags and maybe evening wears) for Me, My wife and Kids.

wow! That's all very Good, this means you all are fully aware of what is going down tomorrow 12th Of December 2014.

Thank you so much for your time.

Konga Again! Christmas Awoof Is Here...Welcome To Konga Store

 Xmas Store
After The Yakata Sales that got the company a lot of good comments and High ratings, Konga is at it again.

Konga want to reward their regular customers, for their support and continued patronage. And there couldn't have been a better way for doing that than a huge Price Slash(Up to 40% discount on selected products)
Xmas Shopping Things

Konga's Christmas Store Is Now Open For Up To 40% Discount Shopping . This Kind of Awoof no get part 2.
 Shop On Our Xmas Store
. This is just a reminder, to help you get the best the season has got to offer. You don't have to spend all your life savings shopping for christmas.
 Warren Buffet
Imagine what a 40% Discount can do for you. That's a whole lot of money that would have been spent just on few goods. Do it the Konga way. Shop All You Can On Konga in The Next 12 Days With Huge Discount. Free delivery Nationwide on any N5000 Naira and Above Purchase.

Free Goods Delivery

Don't, Let This opportunity pass you by. If I where you, I will be in Konga Christmas Store Now, Shopping High Quality Products For Less Prices.
Enjoy the Awoof!