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Black Friday Yakata 2017 Shopping Tips

How to take advantage of Konga black friday yakata 2017 and enjoy great Amazing Discounts.
1. Visit kong's 2017 black Friday Yakata page
2. Enter your email address and click on subscribe.
3. Wait for konga to alert you, and once you receive the alert that yakata has started
4. Head straight to the site
5. Start shopping.

To enjoy more deals and to stay up to date with yakata 2017, please download the konga shopping app.

Get Prepared For Konga Yakata Shopping 2017

Watch this video to know more about Konga Yakata 2017 sales event. Get access Now, click here

Konga Black Friday Yakata 2017

konga black friday yakata 2017

The Biggest and Best annual shopping event on Konga is here again. Have you been thinking and praying for an opportunity to get your favorite brand products, Infinix, Hp, Dell, Apple, intel, Binatone, Century, Techno and many more at Near-Free prices?

Think no more because your prayers has been answered. Konga is here again with YAKATA 2017, the biggest shopping event in west Africa. Prices Go-Fall-Yakata on konga between 6th to 10th of November 2017.

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Konga Yakata Big Discount Sales

Konga Yakata Sales

Hey! YAKATA is here again please do not miss this big opportunity to Shop Yakata. Up to 50% Discount on Yakata sales event. Click Here now to shop yakata
Yakata Sales Event
 Shop Yakata, Discount Yakata, Awoof Yakata
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Do not miss out on this big opportunity to get Discount Yakata on 26-27 November 2015.

Black Friday Awoof Yakata Sale 2015

Hey! Are you getting ready for the biggest online sale of the year?
We bring Black Friday to Nigeria’s largest online mall, and we’re calling it “Yakata”. Konga Yakata is upon us! So what does Konga Yakata mean? Yakata is a Pidgin English adverb meaning things like completely, totally or utterly. So in this case all the prices are falling Yakata on Konga, hence Konga Yakata.
The Konga Yakata Sale is the sale of all sales online, with massive price slashes. Plus, there’s free delivery to any location!
The sale starts from the 26th to the 27th of November, so if you’re looking to take advantage of these great deals, make some time for the Konga Yakata sale! Fastest fingers first as Fall Yakata will be a limited time deal. So if you’re looking for the latest TV, mobile or laptop, you better get searching as soon as Black Friday starts. You may be asking why we’re holding the Fall Yakata sale. As Christmas is also fast approaching there’s no better way to celebrate it than discounting our products at an unbelievable rate. Well, it’s our opportunity for us to say thank you to all our customers that make Konga the number one shopping mall in Nigeria.

Thank you all, and enjoy our low prices on Yakata Sales Event!