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Nigeria Elections 2015 Day One: I Pledge Peace

I Love Nigeria
Wow! Finally the much awaited Decision Day in Nigeria is here. Many people thought this day will never come.

There were accusation and counter accusations that the ruling party and president is planning an Interim Government. Most pessimist said the president will use the Military to ask for more weeks to totally wipe out Boko Haram, coz he's afraid of the elections.

Some other group were of the view that the President will remove the electoral body's helmsman(Prof. Atahiru Jega). Which would have attracted wide condemnation and probably violence.

But the goodnews here is that all that has been buried now, coz the much awaited Election Day in Nigeria is here.

This is a key indicator that Nigeria's democracy is here to stay. And I will therefore hail the courage of Mr President for putting together all machinerys in place to make this day a reality.

I hereby advice all Nigerians to go out today and vote, conduct themselves in peaceful manner and shun all acts of violence.
Do not allow yourself to be used as an instrument of destruction or violence.


The period of Campaigning has official ended, therefore you are not expected to:
1. Form any political gathering around any polling booth.
2. Chant party Slogan any where around any polling booth
3. Wear party T.shirt or anything similar to voting center, to avoid embarrassment or provocation
4. Move out with your party customized/painted vehicle.
5. Canvas for votes around the polling center.

March 28 General Elections In Nigeria is for Presidential and National Assembly seats.

I pledge Peace and Equally employ you to do same.
Peace! Peace!! Peace!!! All Over Nigeria.

United we Stand Forever!.

Nigeria! Good People, Great Nation.