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7 Dangerous Habits That Could Lead You To Poverty

 Poverty Is Dangerous
If your exhibiting any or all of these habits mentioned below, you may be heading for poverty. Note: this is not for those already poor, you may be doing well, nice job, nice pay... But if you manifest any of this, poverty may be your last bustop.

1. If you often drink, go to bar, club or attend any other social event on your "Pay Day" with friends or girl friend, poverty is knocking on your door.

2. If you are still on a pay job, or trying to build your own business up and still "Do hard Drug" , you are heading for poverty. You Will loose your job, run down your little capital on drugs or probably go insane.

3. If you have settled in your mind that You Will become rich through, casino, lottery, pool, baba ijebu, or any other form of gambling. Sorry, poverty is already in your brain and a poor brain can not make you rich.

4. If you spend more than 70% of your salary, wages or proceeds from your business weekly, monthly or even annually, poverty is in your neighborhood.

5. If your total expenses runs above Or equals your net income. You are running on autopilot , the system will crash soon and poverty is waiting for you at the crash site.

6. If you buy things , or spend on things just to receive acolades or just because others or going for the same thing. You don't want look to different or for people to think you are poor, even if it means exceeding your annual spending budget. poverty will be your comfort when you realise what you have done to your self.

7. If all your friends are poor and you enjoy hanging around them on regular basis, you all chat and remain satisfied with your present situation. You are going down the valley of poverty.

Hope this helps you adjust your way of life. This article is aimed at helping you adjust to avoid the worst. wealth and riches is of the mind, poverty creeps in gradually. Beware.