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Buhari:Don't Evaluate My Government's 100Days Performance

President Buhari first Day In Aso villa speech
President Muhammadu Buhari is apparently asking Journalist and Nigerians to abandone the culture of accessing every New Government' performance after first 100Days just because he met an almost empty Treasury!

The issue of looting of treasury and leaving little or nothing behind for an incoming administration has been a culture since Nigeria's return to Democracy.

This is indeed a big sign of failure(am not praying for him to fail) even from the very beginning. A good leader has and should not any room for excuses. Once the mantle of leadership is handed over to any Potential good leader, he takes charge of all assets and liabilities of his office.

Having the best Media team will not bring the Desired Change Nigerians Voted him for. Secondly: he should be aware that no amount of psychological bribe will be able to hinder Nigeria journalist from attacking him and his Government if he fails to deliver Dividends of Democracy, starting from his 100Days in office.

Let me join the popular voice all over the country which is a very simple solution to whats on ground.
Mr President, Put on your thinking Cap and do the immediate necessary things.
the President must have a short term and long term CHANGE master plan for Nigeria.

The clock is already Ticking>>>>>>2019 is almost here.
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