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Jonathan and Election Postponement

The president of Nigeria asked his friends on Facebook to say a prayer for Nigeria.

The opposition hijacked the post and made it a channel for criticism and Insult on the person of the president.

Here is what he wrote,
"My dear friends on Facebook, I want to remind us all that we have no other country other than Nigeria and as we approach the election, it is wise that we speak good and peaceable words over Nigeria because we will have to eat our words, so let us make them sweet rather than bitter. We must see the coming polls as a contest amongst brothers and sisters from the womb of one Nigeria. We must avoid threats and desperation as we make our case to the electorate. Head or tale, Nigeria wins. Therefore, I urge all Nigerians to join me in saying it is well with Nigeria and by the special grace of God, it shall continue to be well with our great country Nigeria.


Now I ask,

1. If you truly love and care about this Nation called Nigeria, you should at least say a prayer to Nigeria first before your criticism. I have come to realize that many who claim to care about this Nation are only fighting for their own personal interest, having no interest of Nigeria at heart.

2. If you are wise, are you not suppose to say "Amen" when someone (even if it's your Enemy) is praying for you in the LANGUAGE you understood?

3. If you claim to hate a man so much, what are you doing on his page?

3. Why have you decided to Vote and hand over power to opposition before the constitutionally approved date, don't you think that amounts to Treason?

4. The same people who are criticizing Mr President today for INEC's postponement of the election would have done worse if the election where to be held on the earlier scheduled date, and it favours the President. They would have alleged Jonathan impeded the distribution process of PVC to APC states (Lagos and Ogun) to favour himself.

5. Have you once asked the question, "why are we waiting for the military to secure election materials, venue and INEC personnel?. Who told you the military are the body constitutionally empowered to provide security for elections(that is the duty of the police my freind!)?.

6. What do we even expect of the military? They have been accused of not contributing enough foot soldiers to the multi lateral joint forces against Boko Haram, and that's why the neighboring countries had failed to commit their forces to fight with Nigerian soldiers. Now that we have all our neighbors supporting US to fight our common cause, you want the military to falter again(send soldiers to guard electoral materials and INEC personnel and abandon their primary duty, which is to protect Nigeria's territorial sovereignty)?.

7 point of correction! Some said elections has not been shifted before. In 2011, Professor Atahiru Jega shifted the Presidential and National Assembly elections by one week, and that election was proven by many observers to be the best in the history of Nigeria, so what's the big deal now?.

8. Will any election which is not conducted in all local governments in Nigeria be considered conclusive, will a winner emerge from such an election? What gave most people (opposition) the impression that Jonathan is trying to hold on to power, and not trying to give Nigerians the best election ever?.

Think about all these, say a prayer for Nigeria Now and learn to be objective and constructive in your criticism, let's build our country NOT to destroy it with our negative utterances.
The good/bad news is this, only those who believe in the true Peace and Prosperity of Nigeria will be able to eat of the good of the land. Many will see it with their eyes, but will not be part of it.
God Bless Nigeria