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Monetize: Make Money On you Blog-Website Using Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is a good way to earn little extra dollars if your online content enjoys good quality traffic.

I tried them and I must confess they are good Google Adsense Alternative.
Their average commission per click (CPM) is $0.01 and their minimum CashOut Limit is $10 via Paypal.

You can CashOut through
*. Paypal
* Western Union

* Bank Wire, etc.

You can as well Refer other Publisher like you and earn a little fraction of their total earnings as bonus. This means that if you signUp through any link on this post you will be helping me earn a little bonus which has nothing to do with your own earnings.

Just signUp to Bidvertiser , Create your Link (aka. Add New Bidvertiser), select
Add New Bidvertiser Under a New Domain.
Enter a title for the Campaign, just to help you identify where you are using the link.
Add Your domain name/url
select the primary language of your site/Blog
select the category that best describe your site. Finish

To place the code on your page and start making money just click on
* Choose Template
* select your desired ad format, click on Get Ad Code, copy the code and paste on the Html section of your site.
save and allow few minute before the ad will fully display on your site.
Then focus on traffic generation and you will be smiling to the bank monthly.
Note: your earnings depends on your traffic strength and quality. Bidvertiser is a very good Adsense Alternative for those with a good number of daily Traffic.