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APC Ekiti Governorship Primaries 2018 Winner is Dr John Kayode Fayemi

Dr John Olukayode Fayemi, the former Governor of Ekiti State, a native of Isan-Ekiti in Oye Local Government of Ekiti State, and the current Minister of Solid Minerals Development in Nigeria has been officially declared the overall winner of the just concluded Ekiti State governorship primaries of the APC.

The exercise was reported to be peaceful, free and fair, but the coming days will tell if this claim was actually true or false. Dr Fayemi in his speech encouraged his co-contestants to work together with him to ensure success for the ACP in the state during the forthcoming governorship elections in the state.

Kayode Fayemi contested alongside other 32 contestants in the Saturday May 12TH 2018 APC Ekiti GOVERNORSHIP PRIMARIES and he's probably on his way back to the Ekiti State Government House.

Babatunde Gbadamosi and The DSS

                                     WHERE IS BABATUNDE GBADAMOSI?

He was said to have been invited by the DSS last week Tuesday and he voluntarily went to honor the invitation and that was all the family can tell of him. 7days later Mr Babatunde Gbadamosi is yet to return home and his family are yet to see or hear anything from him. All efforts at reaching him has proven abortive as neither the DSS Lagos nor Abuja has release any official report on him.

The wife today had to run to the media (AIT) to help her call on the DSS to release her husband to her; i dont know how the family has been taking it all this while, but it is obvious the incident has thrown the family into disarray and total confusion.

We call on the DSS and other relevant security agencies to immediately communicate to the entire public the circumstances surrounding the sudden disappearance of Mr Babatunde Gbadamosi (a former PDP governorship candidate). Why should the DSS under this administration be operating like KIDNAPPERS? How do we now differentiate the DSS from criminals, since they all operate secretly???

The family wants to see him, hear from him and ensure he's still alive, because according to the wife, he has health challenges and should be on medication and diet.

Again we call on the DSS to release him or charge him to court; THIS IS DEMOCRACY and THE RULE OF LAW must prevail.

Photo credit: Premiumtimesng

My Letter To Nigeria National Assembly

Nigerian National Assembly Building

Is Nigeria's Constitution Really Seeing The Future?

There are certain things that has been bothering my mind concerning Nigeria, all this while. And I have been seeking the appropriate time, place and institution to channel my questions to. But now I think the time is fully ripe for me to ask these questions and expect answers from the appropriate quarters, before things goos wrong in the face of prevailing circumstances in Nigeria.

Here Are My Questions:

1. Fact: the president is expected to write the national assembly to transfer his powers to the vice president in acting  capacity, if he decides to take a leave. Now my number one question is,
What happens if the President fails to transmit  his powers to his vice due to a serious health emergency (let's say "Hearth Attack"), and he's unable to return to the country after a period of six months or more?

2. What happens if the president fails to recover from his sickness after one year(like being in "Coma", "Amnesia" or something of such), or he becomes a vegetable or probably physically paralyzed (stroke, Blind, Deaf, Dumb)??.

3. This is the real question, and I want the Nigerian National Assembly to focus on this particular question. I want to use what is currently on ground in Nigeria to give meaning to this question.

> What happens if the current acting president (VP) becomes very ill and needs and urgent medical attention???. 
Just imagine that the illness will keep him out of Nigeria for close to 3 months or more (even if its just one day) 

Please, let's not say God forbid or it can't happen, i really want us to critically look into this issues in other to adopt a holistic legislative approach to it.

Let no one say I'm wishing the president, his vice or the nation at large evil; far from that, I'm just a concerned (We cannot afford to allow those we do not trust to hijack power) Nigerian and I want the best for this great Nation.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Buhari:Don't Evaluate My Government's 100Days Performance

President Buhari first Day In Aso villa speech
President Muhammadu Buhari is apparently asking Journalist and Nigerians to abandone the culture of accessing every New Government' performance after first 100Days just because he met an almost empty Treasury!

The issue of looting of treasury and leaving little or nothing behind for an incoming administration has been a culture since Nigeria's return to Democracy.

This is indeed a big sign of failure(am not praying for him to fail) even from the very beginning. A good leader has and should not any room for excuses. Once the mantle of leadership is handed over to any Potential good leader, he takes charge of all assets and liabilities of his office.

Having the best Media team will not bring the Desired Change Nigerians Voted him for. Secondly: he should be aware that no amount of psychological bribe will be able to hinder Nigeria journalist from attacking him and his Government if he fails to deliver Dividends of Democracy, starting from his 100Days in office.

Let me join the popular voice all over the country which is a very simple solution to whats on ground.
Mr President, Put on your thinking Cap and do the immediate necessary things.
the President must have a short term and long term CHANGE master plan for Nigeria.

The clock is already Ticking>>>>>>2019 is almost here.
Read the President Buhari's first day in Aso Rock speech by Premuimtimes here

Why Is It So Difficult For The APC To Concede Defeat

The Logo Of APC Party in NigeriaThe APC benefited from the same INEC led by Jega on the presidential elections, which the incumbent President conceded defeat even before the last results was announced. They've also Won Few States and PDP conceded defeat, why is It So Difficult For them to concede Defeat where they've lost?

Why is this Party called APC bent on fomenting political unrest in this great country?

Can't they take a cue from the PDP and President Jonathan and let peace reign?.
Imagine the APC challenging the result of the result of a State like Akwa Ibom, a state that is highly dominated and controlled by PDP.

If the PDP has conceded defeat in Lagos, why cant the APC do same?.

Apologise To Ndigbo Or Face War- Ohaneze

Oba Of Lagos
The Igbo community has Issued a Serious warning to the Oba of Lagos, Oba Rilwan Akiolu in response to his latest threat to Indigbo in Lagos

"We are not moved by your threats, rather we are concerned about the lifes, Property and resources that will be lost to the war you are drumming for. The Igbo's are fully ready for what ever and how ever you what it.

we have done it before and we can still do it again even better, coz we are now more equipped and technologically advanced to take the war to any extent you want it.

Incase you've forgotten, we have penetrated every nook and cranny of your land. So it becomes very easy for us to wipe the Yoruba nation away in shot while.
Be Warned

That was the report we got from a reliable source close to the royal palace of Eze Ndigbo of Lagos.

On the Other hand, Ohaneze Ndigbo has given the Oba Of Lagos 48 hours to Re-tract his statement or face war.

Femi Falana the Lagos human right lawyer has also warned the Oba Of Lagos to Apologise to Indigbo.

Saint GoodLuck Ebele Jonathan Won Atlast

GoodLuck Jonathan, president of Nigeria
I am always grieved each time I heard some christians say the spirit and Grace of God has left President GoodLuck Jonathan, that's the reason for him losing the elections to Buhari.

If you call yourself a child of God, you must learn to understand the workings of God (He works in was we cannot see, he's full of mystery ).

Maybe GOD allowed him loose, coz that's the only way the Peace which his people in this nation and beyond has been praying for, could be achieved.
To me, Jonathan has WON himself into the heart of Many all over the world. And an International Nobel Peace and Integrity award.

He has succeeded in setting Nigeria in the Path of Peace and Greatness.

I see more investors coming in to Nigeria to invest, and more nations Stretching out their hand to doing business with Nigeria.
Better Days Are Here for Nigeria.
GoodLuck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan. Even in defeat, You remain GoodLuck to Nigeria.

Atlast GoodLuck and Nigeria WON

DSS Arrested Jega And Buhari Kidnapped By Boko Haram

Attahiru JegaBreaking News: the latest news coming out of Nigeria now is that the chairman of the Independent National Election Commission(INEC) prof. Atahiru Jega has been arrested 10minutes ago by the Department Of Security Service(DSS) officers, for alleged election malpractices and Fraud.

As if this was a coordinated operation, the president elect, Rtd.General Muhammadu Buhari has been taken away at about the same time by unknown gun men suspected to be members of the Boko Haram terrorist group.

The opposition party, APC are pointing towards the Military to be behind the kidnap of their Leader and President elect.

Fingers crossed as we watch how these mysterious events unfold

Story Source

Nigeria Elections 2015 Day One: I Pledge Peace

I Love Nigeria
Wow! Finally the much awaited Decision Day in Nigeria is here. Many people thought this day will never come.

There were accusation and counter accusations that the ruling party and president is planning an Interim Government. Most pessimist said the president will use the Military to ask for more weeks to totally wipe out Boko Haram, coz he's afraid of the elections.

Some other group were of the view that the President will remove the electoral body's helmsman(Prof. Atahiru Jega). Which would have attracted wide condemnation and probably violence.

But the goodnews here is that all that has been buried now, coz the much awaited Election Day in Nigeria is here.

This is a key indicator that Nigeria's democracy is here to stay. And I will therefore hail the courage of Mr President for putting together all machinerys in place to make this day a reality.

I hereby advice all Nigerians to go out today and vote, conduct themselves in peaceful manner and shun all acts of violence.
Do not allow yourself to be used as an instrument of destruction or violence.


The period of Campaigning has official ended, therefore you are not expected to:
1. Form any political gathering around any polling booth.
2. Chant party Slogan any where around any polling booth
3. Wear party T.shirt or anything similar to voting center, to avoid embarrassment or provocation
4. Move out with your party customized/painted vehicle.
5. Canvas for votes around the polling center.

March 28 General Elections In Nigeria is for Presidential and National Assembly seats.

I pledge Peace and Equally employ you to do same.
Peace! Peace!! Peace!!! All Over Nigeria.

United we Stand Forever!.

Nigeria! Good People, Great Nation.

#Election2015: My Advice to Nigerian Electorate

Election 2015

It will be on your own interest if you take the following advice seriously. Your Vote or Your Life, which is more important to you?

1. It's better to cast your vote and head straight home.

A. The polity is very hot
B. You can't even defend your vote unarmed.
C. Political parties and Politicians have armed their thugs with sophisticated weapons...if anything goes wrong, u may loose your life on the process.

D. ECOWAS, AU, EU, UN election observers, local and foreign journalist are also going to be on ground to monitor the elections. Even political party agents are also going to monitor the exercise, so what else will you be doing there?.
E. 2 Police officers on a polling boot can not withstand the pressure of 300 to 500 people. And if the game gets dirty in a polling center, I bet you the police men will disappear with their gun and you will be left on your own to defend either ur vote, life or u loose both.

2. Never you attempt dying for any political party, coz they are all one big family. Just that once the whistle goes on it looks as if they are at war, certainly not, coz after the elections most of the politicians will still JUMP OVER to the other party for appointments and contracts(don't be a fool).

3. If any politician gives you money and arms to go kill anyone. collect the money and arms/ammunition, keep the money for yourself (it's national cake) but hand the arms over to the Army(coz I trust them more than the Black Uniform Force).

Vote and live to enjoy the good of the land. A dead you can't see the Nigeria of your dreams.

Be Wise,
Be Careful, coz I Love you all so much and I don wanna miss or weep over any of you.


6Weeks Elections Postponement: Gains or Waste?

Nigerian Battle Ready Troops
The Friends, Family, Sympathizers, Sponsors and Supporters of the BoKo Haram terrorist group, sees no gains in the 6weeks election postponement to recapture and restore Peace in the fallen cities in the North East

Even a blind man in the North knows that the Nigerian Military has done a great job in last 5 weeks.
Almost all the territories held by Boko Haram has been re-captured by the gallant Nigerian troops.

So why should any sane person say that it was all about the president and plans to frustrate and further intimidate the opposition?. Why are you so interested on holding elections when some part of the country has been taken over by terrorist?.

The military has been waiting for modern sophisticated military hardware to arrive Nigeria for a very long time. They needed it to take the battle to the Boko Haram, they needed it to protect the Sovereignty of Nigeria and just when they took the delivery of a good number of It, was about time for the elections.

The military ask for just 6Weeks to flush out the terrorist Boko Haram, many opposition figure said it was impossible... No wonder they are yet to come in terms with the reality on ground. The military has given a good account of themselves and I say Kudos to the Gallant troops of Nigeria.

The opposition media houses are giving credit to Camerounian, Chad and Niger forces...what a biased reportage? Why deform the people if you can't Inform and educate them?
Are Sahara Reporters and their likes actually partners in Terrorism with Boko Haram?.

I will allow you to judge by the reality on ground now...If you think the 6Weeks Election Extension has not been worth the sacrifice and pains

Which is better? To protect Nigeria and her people or
Elections that could still be held in future (within the constitutional time frame)?.

I Pledge Peace to Nigeria and say a Big NO to Violence ...before...during and after the Elections in Nigeria.

God Bless Naija...coz I Love Naija.

KOLO MENTALITY Is The Biggest Problem Of Nigeria

Fella Kuti
"Colo mentality" by Fella. Colonian Mentality is simply the biggest problem facing Nigeria as Nation. It is also the major cause of the depreciation/weakness of Naira to the dollar


1. when we reject locally produced goods and opt for foreign ones.
2. When we contract foreigners to do the job that can be done by Nigerians.

3. When our politicians run to US and UK to speak on issues of national interest.

4. When our politicians travel to US and UK to campaign for election that will be held here in Nigeria.

5. When they continue to tell us that our health sector is getting better, while they continue to run abroad to treat malaria?

Ask yourself this simple questions.
Has any Ghanian politician (lets not talk about South Africans, US, Uk... )been here in recent time to campaign or criticize/condemn their government?.

Are we indirectly going back to the colonial masters to enforce another colonial regime on Us??

When will this KOLO MENTALITY be over???.

Nigerian Youth Awake! Stop being fooled

Funny Images I Found On Facebook. Nigerians...

How on earth do you think Rt. General Muhammadu Buhari will say or even imagine this?.

Funny Obasanjo Image
These image are really contradictory, but i will allow you make of it whatsoever your mind tells you.

I think both are good comic relief.

Linda Ikeji Blog Post: APC Has Conceded Defeat B4 March 28th

Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State

I saw this on Linda's blog and decided to ask if this is actually the Truth?

Has APC indeed conceded Defeat or could this be another political propaganda...???

This is said to be a Press statement from Ekiti governor, Ayodele Fayose.
"The Ekiti State Governor, Mr Ayo Fayose, has said the ego of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has been deflated as it has tactically conceded defeat few days to theMarch 28presidential election. The governor, who spoke through his Chief Press Secretary, Mr Idowu Adelusi, in Ado-Ekition Thursday, said that the sudden u-turn made by the North which had realised that General Buhari would be made to shortchange the North had rattled the party. Fayose also disclosed that the issue of health of the former general had become worrisome to the Northern caucus which did not want to forget in hurry the Umaru Musa Yar' Adua saga.

According to the governor, the APC was forced to cancel presidential rallies in Kaduna and Enugu because Buhari was not yet physically and mentally fit to go for any rally."

This is like a kind of confirmation to what the governor has been saying in the past few months, about the health condition of the retired General

According to the report "The governor said that while Buhari was still recuperating in a London hospital, he had to come back home due to pressure mounted on him by certain leaders of his party who wanted to calm the growing apprehension by Nigerians over Buhari's state of health.

Ayodele Fayose also noted that former Vice President Atiku Abubakar and his supporters were already retracing their steps back to the PDP and that the North had seen the deceit in APC South-West leaders in pushing forward Buhari, even against the man's interest. "We thank the APC for conceding defeat in the coming elections. At least, they, for the first time, appear realistic. General Buhari's insistence that he must be allowed to attend to his health is commendable."

Attend to his health? Is the general really sick? Is there something about Buhari that the APC are not telling Nigerians? Your guess is as good as mine.

The report continues... "It is glaring that he needs to rest and not waste energy on a failed project. (failed project?)The man has been abandoned (abandoned?)by those who claim to be his backers and Buhari's people have told him the bitter truth. That they would prefer to wait for another four years (wait for What? Are you kidding me) than to get trapped by some selfish South-West leaders for eight years.

"The preoccupation of the APC now is how to retain the APC- controlled states and prevent the PDP from capturing them. "The tactical withdrawal of people like Atiku, Kwakwanso and the battle for survival by Tinubu and Amaechi in Lagos and Rivers have woken up General Buhari to the politics of deceit that some are luring him to.
"While PDP leaders are confidently traversing the country meeting Nigerians and getting their support, APC leaders are held up in their hideouts. Who among them is canvassing support for Buhari now? Tinubu, for instance, is only pre-occupied with his aim of maintaining his stranglehold on Lagos' resources by putting another stooge in the Government House, Ikeja, but this time around, he has failed woefully.

"Kudos to patriotic Nigerians and Northern leaders who have seen the deceit called APC and refused the bait flaunt at them. APC is a dead horse, no amount of flogging can wake it up," he concluded.

Am sure that the APC will issue a press statement pretty soon to backup or to dismiss this submission but until then let's keep believing that this is the Truth.

10 Reasons Why I Hate Democracy

Democracy meaning
In Democracy, almost everything goes, they call it Freedom Of Expression/Speech.
What will make a sensible adult, called elder statesman descend so low to dancing to the tune of opposition just to remain relevant?.

Only a fool will take Obasanjo's claims and accusations as a fight for Nigeria or fight to defend Nigeria's democracy.

For God's sake what does this old man want from this great nation?
Why has he decided to make Nigeria his private business where he issue all forms of orders and it must be carried out?.

The last time I checked, Obasanjo wasn't the only past head of State alive, and he wasn't also the only elder statesman in Nigeria. So when did he became the mouth piece of the God of the land?
When did Obasanjo became the all knowing and all seeing god?
Who ordained him the High Priest of the land?
Who anointed Obasanjo and declared him "wiser than King Solomon"?

When will this battle to remain relevant at all times and Cost end? What happens When the "Watcher becomes the Watched"? Or does he think all his Sins are Forgiven, what about the Prophecies of Tunde Bakare("Obasanjo will go back to Jail")?

10 Reasons Why I hate Democracy

1. Democracy is very Expensive to maintain.
2. Democracy is too slow in getting things done(due process and waiting for approval).
3. Democracy is so wasteful (it encourages legitimate ways of wasting resources. Stealing)
4. Democracy makes the rich and the connected richer and the poor poorer (it widens the gap between the poor and the rich, especially in africa)
5. Democracy encourages thuggery and social unrest (the military will put an end to any nonsense without anyones approval)

6. Only under democratic setting will the military be insulted by a bloody civilian without severe punishment.
7. Only under democratic rule will you stone the commander In Chief of the Armed Forces without paying the ultimate penalty(Death)
8. Only under a democratic rule will you call a press conference or grant an interview live on a national television, speak ill against the Government or the head of State and walk out without being hurt, arrested or even losing your life on the process.
9. Only under a democratic government will any individual threaten the State and the head of State publicly and still walk freely on the streets with his supporters.
10. Democracy has no room for one powerful leader who can take decisions as at when it is required without the fear of any law or whatsoever. Even the president of America is not powerful, coz he cannot take decisions on his own, the Congress has to approve of all his Policies and Programs.

the president will have to beg the national assembly to grant the MILITARY state of Emergency, for them to freely operate.

A military Commander will be killed yet the miliatry will not declare total war on that zone or area, coz of democracy and the fear of human right charges.
I hate democracy coz it preaches hate and it is very disrespectful to higher authorities.
Democracy does not build personality, rather it builds Institutions which could also be self destruct (corrupt people. One person builds and another comes in and destroy it all.).

Jonathan and Election Postponement

The president of Nigeria asked his friends on Facebook to say a prayer for Nigeria.

The opposition hijacked the post and made it a channel for criticism and Insult on the person of the president.

Here is what he wrote,
"My dear friends on Facebook, I want to remind us all that we have no other country other than Nigeria and as we approach the election, it is wise that we speak good and peaceable words over Nigeria because we will have to eat our words, so let us make them sweet rather than bitter. We must see the coming polls as a contest amongst brothers and sisters from the womb of one Nigeria. We must avoid threats and desperation as we make our case to the electorate. Head or tale, Nigeria wins. Therefore, I urge all Nigerians to join me in saying it is well with Nigeria and by the special grace of God, it shall continue to be well with our great country Nigeria.


Now I ask,

1. If you truly love and care about this Nation called Nigeria, you should at least say a prayer to Nigeria first before your criticism. I have come to realize that many who claim to care about this Nation are only fighting for their own personal interest, having no interest of Nigeria at heart.

2. If you are wise, are you not suppose to say "Amen" when someone (even if it's your Enemy) is praying for you in the LANGUAGE you understood?

3. If you claim to hate a man so much, what are you doing on his page?

3. Why have you decided to Vote and hand over power to opposition before the constitutionally approved date, don't you think that amounts to Treason?

4. The same people who are criticizing Mr President today for INEC's postponement of the election would have done worse if the election where to be held on the earlier scheduled date, and it favours the President. They would have alleged Jonathan impeded the distribution process of PVC to APC states (Lagos and Ogun) to favour himself.

5. Have you once asked the question, "why are we waiting for the military to secure election materials, venue and INEC personnel?. Who told you the military are the body constitutionally empowered to provide security for elections(that is the duty of the police my freind!)?.

6. What do we even expect of the military? They have been accused of not contributing enough foot soldiers to the multi lateral joint forces against Boko Haram, and that's why the neighboring countries had failed to commit their forces to fight with Nigerian soldiers. Now that we have all our neighbors supporting US to fight our common cause, you want the military to falter again(send soldiers to guard electoral materials and INEC personnel and abandon their primary duty, which is to protect Nigeria's territorial sovereignty)?.

7 point of correction! Some said elections has not been shifted before. In 2011, Professor Atahiru Jega shifted the Presidential and National Assembly elections by one week, and that election was proven by many observers to be the best in the history of Nigeria, so what's the big deal now?.

8. Will any election which is not conducted in all local governments in Nigeria be considered conclusive, will a winner emerge from such an election? What gave most people (opposition) the impression that Jonathan is trying to hold on to power, and not trying to give Nigerians the best election ever?.

Think about all these, say a prayer for Nigeria Now and learn to be objective and constructive in your criticism, let's build our country NOT to destroy it with our negative utterances.
The good/bad news is this, only those who believe in the true Peace and Prosperity of Nigeria will be able to eat of the good of the land. Many will see it with their eyes, but will not be part of it.
God Bless Nigeria

Buhari Certificate Saga: A National Disgrace In Disguise

Mohamadu Buhari's Photo
Recent Update: 12:20 PM
: Buhari is yet to present Any certificate, after the much anticipated press conference in Kano to clear the air on his Certificate Saga, no certificate was presented. Buhari said the relevant Institutions Will Publish His Certificate on the National Daily at the appropriate time. (This is not Certificate Sir) what Air has Buhari Cleared Now?

The Schools in question are likely to come out publicly to exonerated themselves from all this mess soon.

The Nigerian Army has come out to state clearly that , they don't have the original copies of Buhari's credentials. could it be that this man has been lying all this while?

Could it be that Buhari got into the Army through "Wuruwuru" magomago" back door? This means that St.Buhari even lied to the Nigerian Army as at then...just to be accepted.

Read Also Buhari's Presidential Ambition And Manifesto 2015 and Questions Arising


The Nigerian Army said the original, certified true copy or statement of results of retired General Muhammadu Buhari is not with them

The Director of Army Public Relations, Olajide Laleye, said this while briefing journalists in Abuja on Tuesday. Mr. Laleye said that the entry made on the Nigerian Army Form 199A at the point of documentation after Buhari was commissioned as an officer, indicated that the former Head of State obtained the West African School Certificate (WASC) in 1961. “With credits in relevant subjects: English Language, Geography, History, Health Science, Hausa and a pass in English Literature.

“Neither the original copy, certified true copy (CTC) nor statement of result of Major-.Gen. Mohammadu Buhari‘s WASC result is in his personal file. Mr. Laleye said the army holds the retired senior officer in high esteem and respect and would not be a party to any controversy surrounding his eligibility for any political office.

He said that suffice to state that Mr. Buhari rose steadily to the enviable rank of Major General before becoming the Head of State of the country in December 1983.

“The media hype on the retired Buhari’s credentials as well as numerous requests made by individuals and cooperate bodies to the Nigerian Army on this issue have necessitated that we provide the facts as contained in the retired senior officer’s service records.

“Records available indicate that Buhari applied to join the military as a form six student of the Provincial Secondary School, Katsina, on Oct. 18, 1961. “His application was duly endorsed by the principal of the school, who also wrote a report on him and recommended him to be suitable for military commission.

“It is a practice in the Nigerian Army that before candidates are shortlisted for commissioning into the officers’ cadre of the service, the selection board verifies the original copies of credentials as presented.

“There is no available record to show that this process was followed in the 1960s,” Mr. Laleye said. And that is the beginning of what looks like a looming national embarrassment...if you understand where am heading to.

what will St. Buhari do now? Come out to present another higher certificate and expect Nigerian to clap for him and embrace him for lying to INEC and the entire country all this years?

Am waiting for Lair-Ye Muhammed political defence on this... The battle line has been drawn...boom>>>>boom>>>>boo>>boom>>>boom>>>

Fire On

Jega's Inec Is Not Ready For 2015

Atahiru Jega

With what am seeing here in Lagos and neighbouring Ogun State, i don't think Inec Nigeria is ready to conduct a free and fair election come 2015.

The first thing i observed was that many eligible voters will be dis-enfranchise, considering what is going on now. How long will it take Inec to intergrate and harmonise the National voters List/record?

If i got registered in 2011, saw my name and photograph on Inec's registerbut my Permanent Voters Card was not found. How are my sure that i will see my name on the election day?. Now i have been asked to register again, i ask "wouldn't that amount to multiple registrations?. May God help Us.

INEC Office and Contact In Lagos and Ogun State.
Inec's Lagos Office Address: No.6 Birrel Avenue, Sabo, Yaba, Lagos Nigeria
Resident Electoral Commissioner(REC): Dr. Adekunle Ogunmola
Email: ogunmolakunle@yahoo.com

Inec's Ogun State Office Address: Just Opposite Olusegun Obasanjo's Library, magbon, Abeokuta Ogun State 9igeria
REC: Sam Olugbadebo Olumekun
Email: olumekunsam@yahoo.com

contact them for all inquiries.

You can also reach Inec On

Goodluck Jonathan To Confront Boko Haram With AK47

Goodluck Jonathan(GEJ)

Apparently this is what most Nigerians especially people from the Nothern region, seem to be asking the President of Nigeria to do now. Will that be possible?.

At first they said he was treating the issue of boko haram with kid gloves, then Ihejirika arrived the scene and went on full offensive.Ihejirika on Military outfit
The same people said he was commiting genocide, that the president want to wipe out or cripple the north, so that he will not be opposed in 2015. There elders said they (Terrorist) should be given the same treatment as Niger Delta Militants. The president in his wisdom and Love for the Country had to send Ihejirika on a compulsory leave.

Here comes Alex Badeh, he is from the north East (the Hot Spot) and should understand the terrain. This man is suppose to fight and defend his own people. He has all that is required to do it (he has not come out yet to tell Nigerians that Jonathan is not supporting his efforts or that the army is not well equipped) yet boko haram is still operating freely.
Air marshal Alex Badeh
Just few days ago, the terrorist group attacked and took over possession of his own home (Air Chief Marshal Alex Badeh) town, hoisted their Flag and went further to declare Mubi "Madinatul Islam" (City of Islam)

 Armed Terrorists
In all these things what these same set of people are calling for, is the head of the president. No one is asking Badeh to resign, or to explain to Nigerians what kind of Bloody Politics they are playing in the northern part of Nigeria.

Only time will tell us how they will win the election in 2015 and stop the terrorist in one week. No one is asking them, "HOW"?.
If you Love this country and know the way to stop the killings and adoption of innocent young girls, why don't you go ahead now and provide the Military with the information????.

My Presidential Ambition and Manifesto For 2015

I want To Publicly Declare My Ambition To RUN in 2015.
Obviously, i have a great passion for this Nation called Nigeria. Secondly i want to rescue Nigeria from Political "Naira Haram" .

This country has been mis-managed in the last 20 years, infact DPD has taken this Nation backward in the last 15 years, and i think it's about time i rescue and move this nation forward.
Lastly on my major reasons to RUN in 2015, i have enough experience and am very capable to rule this nation. what Nigeria needs now is a man with old and obsolete military Tactics, and that i can boost of.


1. "Frotection of Rives and Frofaty" (Trotection of Lifes and Property)

2. "I will Fight The Froflem (Problem) of Insecurity"

3. "Ghood (good) Economic folicies" (Policies)

4. Creation of Job and "Emfloyment" (emloyment)

5. Youth empowerment

6. Industrial "Develofment" (developement

7. Power Generation, up to 100,000MW in 2years with just 100 Billion Dollars Only.

8. "Agricalcher" (Agricultur)e

9. "Quoraption" (Corruption): there is a lot of "quoraption" going on in this nation, i will fight it.

10. Education: quality and education for all, including Cow and Cattle.

11. Solid Mineral exploitation to create job.

12. I will make "KOBO RAHAM" one and the best Force in this "Quantry" (country). Since these people can chase the Army to Cameroun, get some to shoot themselfs to avoid confronting them, they will make a good force, to protect all Nigeria's Forest and Desert just as some people of like nature are protecting Nigerian waters and Pipe line.

I will be RUNNING under the Broom of ACP, please Vote for me to emerge as the ACP candidate.

Gwod (God) bless you all.


Qus: sir, don't you think you are too old now to "RUN"?
Ans: It depends on the kind of "RUN" you are referring to.
Qus: sir, please where is every one of you "RUNNING" to in 2015?
Ans: Abuja for me or all of you will RUN out of this Country.
Qus: sir, don't you think "JOE-NATHAN" will defeat you in this RUN, because he is younger and more intelligent?.
Ans: Don't worry, i will use my old military experience to TACTICALLY MANOEUVRE him.

Jonathan Vs Buhari

Update On 13-01-2015
Finally GMOB (General Muhammadu Okechukwu Buhari) Finally emerges the APC presidential Flag Bearer in the forth coming Elections, what is your Opinion?

Do you think the General has got all it takes to put up a good fight against JOE-NATHAN?
*. Do you think Buhari has got a Magic Coin that will eradicate the problems of Nigeria totally?
*. Do you see him (GMOB) wipe away KOBO-RAHAM in just two week?(what will he use to do that, the present Nigerian Army or Hidden Ones? )
*. Can Jonathan Fight Boko if Given a Second Chance, and HOW?
*. After Fighting Corruption and Boko, do you think GMOB has what it takes to move Nigerian Economy forward iN the face of Dwindling Oil Prices.?


Have your Say Here.

If you are to be the NEXT President Of Nigeria, What will Be your MANIFESTO?

Just post your Manifesto as a Comment Below.

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