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» » » 10 Reasons Why I Hate Democracy

Democracy meaning
In Democracy, almost everything goes, they call it Freedom Of Expression/Speech.
What will make a sensible adult, called elder statesman descend so low to dancing to the tune of opposition just to remain relevant?.

Only a fool will take Obasanjo's claims and accusations as a fight for Nigeria or fight to defend Nigeria's democracy.

For God's sake what does this old man want from this great nation?
Why has he decided to make Nigeria his private business where he issue all forms of orders and it must be carried out?.

The last time I checked, Obasanjo wasn't the only past head of State alive, and he wasn't also the only elder statesman in Nigeria. So when did he became the mouth piece of the God of the land?
When did Obasanjo became the all knowing and all seeing god?
Who ordained him the High Priest of the land?
Who anointed Obasanjo and declared him "wiser than King Solomon"?

When will this battle to remain relevant at all times and Cost end? What happens When the "Watcher becomes the Watched"? Or does he think all his Sins are Forgiven, what about the Prophecies of Tunde Bakare("Obasanjo will go back to Jail")?

10 Reasons Why I hate Democracy

1. Democracy is very Expensive to maintain.
2. Democracy is too slow in getting things done(due process and waiting for approval).
3. Democracy is so wasteful (it encourages legitimate ways of wasting resources. Stealing)
4. Democracy makes the rich and the connected richer and the poor poorer (it widens the gap between the poor and the rich, especially in africa)
5. Democracy encourages thuggery and social unrest (the military will put an end to any nonsense without anyones approval)

6. Only under democratic setting will the military be insulted by a bloody civilian without severe punishment.
7. Only under democratic rule will you stone the commander In Chief of the Armed Forces without paying the ultimate penalty(Death)
8. Only under a democratic rule will you call a press conference or grant an interview live on a national television, speak ill against the Government or the head of State and walk out without being hurt, arrested or even losing your life on the process.
9. Only under a democratic government will any individual threaten the State and the head of State publicly and still walk freely on the streets with his supporters.
10. Democracy has no room for one powerful leader who can take decisions as at when it is required without the fear of any law or whatsoever. Even the president of America is not powerful, coz he cannot take decisions on his own, the Congress has to approve of all his Policies and Programs.

the president will have to beg the national assembly to grant the MILITARY state of Emergency, for them to freely operate.

A military Commander will be killed yet the miliatry will not declare total war on that zone or area, coz of democracy and the fear of human right charges.
I hate democracy coz it preaches hate and it is very disrespectful to higher authorities.
Democracy does not build personality, rather it builds Institutions which could also be self destruct (corrupt people. One person builds and another comes in and destroy it all.).

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  1. Tell me what government systems are better than democracy my friend.

  2. Directly from un.org proving that everything you have said about democracy is wrong

    Democracy, based on the rule of law, is ultimately a means to achieve international peace and security, economic and social progress and development, and respect for human rights – the three pillars of the United Nations mission as set forth in the UN Charter. At the 2005 World Summit, all the world’s governments reaffirmed “that democracy is a universal value based on the freely expressed will of people to determine their own political, economic, social and cultural systems and their full participation in all aspects of their lives” and stressed “that democracy, development and respect for all human rights and fundamental freedoms are interdependent and mutually reinforcing”. Democratic principles are woven throughout the normative fabric of the United Nations. The 2009 Guidance Note on Democracy of the Secretary-General sets out the United Nations framework for democracy based on universal principles, norms and standards and commits the Organization to principled, coherent and consistent action in support of democracy.

  3. Its obvious that I prefer the military. I don't care what it's called. "Dictatorship/Autocratic"

  4. How many of those UN policies and principles is being practiced in reality (especially in Africa)? Even in the advanced democracy. Don't we still see an element of what is contained in the 10 points above playing out?

    1. Dude, Dictatorships and autocratic regimes are what make Africa have the 10 points above. Look at the IDH of all countries compared with the system, democracy ALWAYS are in top. USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, while non-democratic regimes are placed last, like many places in Africa, the Middle East, Russia, Asia, South-America. To say that democracy is bad because of what you cited above and explained afterwards is simply dumb. You overlook the obvious fact that democracy is the best system to this day, and even though slow, it will always work better than your shitty totalitarian regimes. Go read some books.

  5. I like choice. NOT COMMUNISM! Go USA! Stupid commies.


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