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Xenophobic Attacks In South Africa Vs Southern Kaduna Attacks

Xenophobic Attacks In South Africa

Nigerian Lawmakers and those in the ministry of foreign affairs are calling for a halt in the killings of Nigerians in South Africa. Some of the lawmakers are calling on the the presidency to take decisive actions to protect Nigerians in south Africa. I equally watch Abike Dabiri say that she meet with the south african high commission and they promised her that their country will investigate the matter. Now my question is this;

What is the difference between what is going on in south africa and what is going on in southern Kaduna? 
Herdsmen Killings In Southern Kaduna Nigeria
Do you think that even the South African government will take Nigeria government serious, seeing that we can not even protect our own citizens in our own country?. Can a government that has completely failed to protect her own citizens in their own land be able to protect, defend or fight for her people in Diaspora?
Charity they say begins at home, so it is imperative for our lawmakers, presidency and security agencies to do all it takes and very quickly to proof to the whole world that we love and respect our citizens. We must proof to the South African people/government and any other country that may want to toll the same lane that Nigeria has got all it takes to protect/defend her citizens both at home and abroad.

Enough of the killings all over the country. 
Nigeria Arm Forces Arise! 
Arise All Nigerians! 
Stop the Killings!

God Bless The Federal Republic Of Nigeria.

Saint GoodLuck Ebele Jonathan Won Atlast

GoodLuck Jonathan, president of Nigeria
I am always grieved each time I heard some christians say the spirit and Grace of God has left President GoodLuck Jonathan, that's the reason for him losing the elections to Buhari.

If you call yourself a child of God, you must learn to understand the workings of God (He works in was we cannot see, he's full of mystery ).

Maybe GOD allowed him loose, coz that's the only way the Peace which his people in this nation and beyond has been praying for, could be achieved.
To me, Jonathan has WON himself into the heart of Many all over the world. And an International Nobel Peace and Integrity award.

He has succeeded in setting Nigeria in the Path of Peace and Greatness.

I see more investors coming in to Nigeria to invest, and more nations Stretching out their hand to doing business with Nigeria.
Better Days Are Here for Nigeria.
GoodLuck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan. Even in defeat, You remain GoodLuck to Nigeria.

Atlast GoodLuck and Nigeria WON

DSS Arrested Jega And Buhari Kidnapped By Boko Haram

Attahiru JegaBreaking News: the latest news coming out of Nigeria now is that the chairman of the Independent National Election Commission(INEC) prof. Atahiru Jega has been arrested 10minutes ago by the Department Of Security Service(DSS) officers, for alleged election malpractices and Fraud.

As if this was a coordinated operation, the president elect, Rtd.General Muhammadu Buhari has been taken away at about the same time by unknown gun men suspected to be members of the Boko Haram terrorist group.

The opposition party, APC are pointing towards the Military to be behind the kidnap of their Leader and President elect.

Fingers crossed as we watch how these mysterious events unfold

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#Election2015: My Advice to Nigerian Electorate

Election 2015

It will be on your own interest if you take the following advice seriously. Your Vote or Your Life, which is more important to you?

1. It's better to cast your vote and head straight home.

A. The polity is very hot
B. You can't even defend your vote unarmed.
C. Political parties and Politicians have armed their thugs with sophisticated weapons...if anything goes wrong, u may loose your life on the process.

D. ECOWAS, AU, EU, UN election observers, local and foreign journalist are also going to be on ground to monitor the elections. Even political party agents are also going to monitor the exercise, so what else will you be doing there?.
E. 2 Police officers on a polling boot can not withstand the pressure of 300 to 500 people. And if the game gets dirty in a polling center, I bet you the police men will disappear with their gun and you will be left on your own to defend either ur vote, life or u loose both.

2. Never you attempt dying for any political party, coz they are all one big family. Just that once the whistle goes on it looks as if they are at war, certainly not, coz after the elections most of the politicians will still JUMP OVER to the other party for appointments and contracts(don't be a fool).

3. If any politician gives you money and arms to go kill anyone. collect the money and arms/ammunition, keep the money for yourself (it's national cake) but hand the arms over to the Army(coz I trust them more than the Black Uniform Force).

Vote and live to enjoy the good of the land. A dead you can't see the Nigeria of your dreams.

Be Wise,
Be Careful, coz I Love you all so much and I don wanna miss or weep over any of you.


Ebola, Discrimination On West Africans.

 Ebola Patient being attended to

Some times i wonder how civilized these people who call themselfs advanced or developed nations are.

Why will some one with a right thinking cap, refuse the Students from Nigeria and Ghana entry to their country and futher ask then to return back to their various countries, for the fear of Ebola Virus Disease? (EVD).

Am sure these people have gone "LOKO"( they've lost their sanity). For crying out loud (COL) Ghana has never recorded any EVD case. So why will you refuse her citizens entry, on the account of EVD threat if you haven't gone loko.

Nigeria was recently declared Ebola Free by World Health Organization, after satisfying the required 42days of "No Ebola Case". Are you saying that WHO is wrong on it's decision or you know it better ("ITK")?.

Or could it be that these people have no access to internet and foreign news media?. Maybe it's a language barrier, wakeUp guys.

Listen and hear me for good, NIGERIA IS EBOLA VIRUS DISEASE FREE

Come to think of it, i thought Dominican Republic is a creation of islamic state militants. I never knew it has what it takes to reject a citizen of the largest country and Economy in africa. Wonders they said never ends.

Am still finger crossed and watching, just to see how events unfold.

My Presidential Ambition and Manifesto For 2015

I want To Publicly Declare My Ambition To RUN in 2015.
Obviously, i have a great passion for this Nation called Nigeria. Secondly i want to rescue Nigeria from Political "Naira Haram" .

This country has been mis-managed in the last 20 years, infact DPD has taken this Nation backward in the last 15 years, and i think it's about time i rescue and move this nation forward.
Lastly on my major reasons to RUN in 2015, i have enough experience and am very capable to rule this nation. what Nigeria needs now is a man with old and obsolete military Tactics, and that i can boost of.


1. "Frotection of Rives and Frofaty" (Trotection of Lifes and Property)

2. "I will Fight The Froflem (Problem) of Insecurity"

3. "Ghood (good) Economic folicies" (Policies)

4. Creation of Job and "Emfloyment" (emloyment)

5. Youth empowerment

6. Industrial "Develofment" (developement

7. Power Generation, up to 100,000MW in 2years with just 100 Billion Dollars Only.

8. "Agricalcher" (Agricultur)e

9. "Quoraption" (Corruption): there is a lot of "quoraption" going on in this nation, i will fight it.

10. Education: quality and education for all, including Cow and Cattle.

11. Solid Mineral exploitation to create job.

12. I will make "KOBO RAHAM" one and the best Force in this "Quantry" (country). Since these people can chase the Army to Cameroun, get some to shoot themselfs to avoid confronting them, they will make a good force, to protect all Nigeria's Forest and Desert just as some people of like nature are protecting Nigerian waters and Pipe line.

I will be RUNNING under the Broom of ACP, please Vote for me to emerge as the ACP candidate.

Gwod (God) bless you all.


Qus: sir, don't you think you are too old now to "RUN"?
Ans: It depends on the kind of "RUN" you are referring to.
Qus: sir, please where is every one of you "RUNNING" to in 2015?
Ans: Abuja for me or all of you will RUN out of this Country.
Qus: sir, don't you think "JOE-NATHAN" will defeat you in this RUN, because he is younger and more intelligent?.
Ans: Don't worry, i will use my old military experience to TACTICALLY MANOEUVRE him.

Jonathan Vs Buhari

Update On 13-01-2015
Finally GMOB (General Muhammadu Okechukwu Buhari) Finally emerges the APC presidential Flag Bearer in the forth coming Elections, what is your Opinion?

Do you think the General has got all it takes to put up a good fight against JOE-NATHAN?
*. Do you think Buhari has got a Magic Coin that will eradicate the problems of Nigeria totally?
*. Do you see him (GMOB) wipe away KOBO-RAHAM in just two week?(what will he use to do that, the present Nigerian Army or Hidden Ones? )
*. Can Jonathan Fight Boko if Given a Second Chance, and HOW?
*. After Fighting Corruption and Boko, do you think GMOB has what it takes to move Nigerian Economy forward iN the face of Dwindling Oil Prices.?


Have your Say Here.

If you are to be the NEXT President Of Nigeria, What will Be your MANIFESTO?

Just post your Manifesto as a Comment Below.

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