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Saint GoodLuck Ebele Jonathan Won Atlast

GoodLuck Jonathan, president of Nigeria
I am always grieved each time I heard some christians say the spirit and Grace of God has left President GoodLuck Jonathan, that's the reason for him losing the elections to Buhari.

If you call yourself a child of God, you must learn to understand the workings of God (He works in was we cannot see, he's full of mystery ).

Maybe GOD allowed him loose, coz that's the only way the Peace which his people in this nation and beyond has been praying for, could be achieved.
To me, Jonathan has WON himself into the heart of Many all over the world. And an International Nobel Peace and Integrity award.

He has succeeded in setting Nigeria in the Path of Peace and Greatness.

I see more investors coming in to Nigeria to invest, and more nations Stretching out their hand to doing business with Nigeria.
Better Days Are Here for Nigeria.
GoodLuck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan. Even in defeat, You remain GoodLuck to Nigeria.

Atlast GoodLuck and Nigeria WON