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On todays tutorial, we shall be focusing on images. You will learn how to use images on your blog or website when working on any HTML document.

It is very important to learn how to use images while working on html, you need the basic knowledge of html as a blogger, if you don't want to continuously spend money on little things you can do for your self.

Images are introduced with < img > = Image, and
< src > = Image Source
(you can not upload an image to a html document, what is needed is just the image adress/url)
the IMG and SRC attributes has no closing tag, unlike the < a > that need to be closed < / a >.

< img src="The Image Url" > .

Another important Image Feature is the "ALT" attribute which enables the search engine to properly index your page, it also helps people using the Screen Reader (people with impaired vision)

You must not also Forget "Width and Height" attribute of the image. So this is what we have been discussing so far,

< img src ="imageforhtmlbasics.jpeg" alt="html basics image" width="250" height="60" >


Am sure you've clicked on different images several times and got redirected to another web document or page. You too can do it, just combine the Lesson of yesterday with that of today, that all. So this is what you will have,

< a href ="http://www.successbookz.biz"rel="follow" target="_blank" > < img src="imageforhtmlbasics.jpeg" alt=" image for html basics" width=" 250" height="60" > < / a >

You will notice that yesterday we used "Dating, Relationship and Health Advice" as the link text, so what we just did today is just to replace that with image, and it still points to the same place.

If you have any question on what we have done so far, just drop it as comment under this Post and i will reply appropriately.

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