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Health Benefits of Swissgarde Double Power Tablets

Swissgarde Double Power Tablets Health Benefits Of Swissgarde Double Power Tablets It improves the body vigour and stamina. Revitalizes th...






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HTML Color Codes For Bloggers

BuchibrandBlog Basic HTML Color Codes For Blogging.

Have you been wondering on how to apply color codes on html? Now you can change your title, background or post color on html. I know you might be saying what do i need this since i can always get it on text editor. You need need to have basic knowledge of html color codes, because it will help you when you are editing or customizing your blogger template .

Image-html color codes

With these html colour codes you can go ahead and edit your blog template, page or post. It is advisable to learn this because you never know when the need will arise.  Most times an html code will be given to you to paste in your blog for seo, banner display, text ad or traffic analytics; some of these codes may not blend with your blog template and general appearance. So if  you don't know little about this, what will you do?.

Having basic knowledge of html in general saves you money. Because you will take care of all your blogging needs yourself without having to pay anyone to do it for you. 

Are you a blogger beginner, do you want to know more about blogging, do you want to improve you blog seo score? Then contact me or drop a comment under this post.

Get/Promote Your Facebook Page

Buchibrand Technologies can help you with the Besigning, Managing and Promotion of your Social Media Account.

 A Facebook page without "LIKES" is like a book without pages.
We will Promote your page until we get the Desired  Number of Fans/Followers (LIKES).

Note: we do not make use of Robot or other Cheat means to deliver our Likes,we allow people who are interested on what your page is all about alone from different parts of the world to like your Page.

Try Us today.

Facebook vs Google: All Indications And Experts Predictions Shows That FACEBOOK May DE-THRONE GOOGLE Soon

Google Vs Facebook
The Social Media Giant, Facebook , seems to be on it's way To The Very Top, where The Big Masquerade (Google) Currently Occupy.

With Instagram and Whatsapp (which are members of the Facebook family) doing great and Facebook dominance of the mobile space, through it's user friendly mobile apps and what have you, Facebook is surely on it's way to DE-THRONE the WWW reigning Champion (Google).

This article tells us more on the obvious facts and expert views on the possibility Of Facebook taking Over From Google Pretty soon...SPNNews

Hey! Awoof Domain, Awoof Hosting, Awoof Email, Awoof!, Awoof!! Awoof!!!

 Namecheap Black Friday Awoof offer

The opportunity you've been waiting for all year long is finally here. You can now say "yes am fulfilled" with this Incredible Awoof Offer.

At first i was thinking it was in the movies, till it dawn on me that it was all real. How on earth would i have believed that i can register a domain (.com, .net., .biz, .org...)with just $0.98 USD for one whole year?. Has it happened anywhere you know before, to get a 3months reseller hosting plan for just $0.98 USD.
 Namecheap Black Friday Awoof offer

It is also very difficult for me to believe that i can as-well get a Value pLan Shared Hosting for just 0.98, first year. A Comodo Positive SSl for just $0.98USD, 1yr and Unlimited Domain Transfer @ $0.98USD

I was yet to recover from the Konga 70% Discount Yakata Awoof Sales Offer that i saw, when i stumbled on this. I don't just know what to say again so i had to call on you all to come enjoy this Awoof Offer with me.

"I have heard enough just tell me Where and When to get this awoof offer". Okay! The Awoof Offer is from Namecheap.com
and the day is Friday 28th-November-2014(Black Friday) and Monday 01-12-2014(Cyber Monday).

How To Get This Awoof Offer.

Visit the Namecheap website regularly On the said days. The awoof offer will be rotating and changing from time to time. So, hang around watch out for your prefered product and once you see it live, grab it and smile to it.

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5 Best Free Email Marketing Software To Use

Email marketing it one of the best sources of Traffic to your website or blog, good to market your products and make good Money. If you wish to make money from your online activites, email marketing can not be neglected. It gives you the platform needed to interact with your customers, fans and followers. It's a two way thing, you talk to them and wait aslo for their response.

It is very essential to place your opt-in form at strategic point and to encourage your website or blog visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. Most advanced marketers or website offer some kind of compensation for sign up (usually a free Ebook, Articles...)

If you are yet to fully explore this great tool, to which you can boost your business and make more money, here is another opportunity for you to take advange of if.

5 Best Email Marketing Service Providers.
1. Reachmail.net : free and Premuim sercices avialable.
2. Cakemail.com :Free and Premuim. If you can send email, you can cakemail.
3. Jangomail.com
5. Mailchimp.com : send betetr Mail.
With Mailchip you can manage up to 2000 email contacts/subscribers for Free, but get ready to upgrade as your business grows to enjoy more, like autoresponder....

Arik Air Mobile App For Easy Flight Booking

Arik Air App Screenshot 
Arik Air App For Flight Booking Are you aware that Arik Air Nigeria has taken a commendable Innovative giant stride step, towards making your flying experience a convenient one?. Before now, searching for a flight, selecting same and booking has been a rigorous Corney. A situation whereby you have to make calls for longer duration, drive to the airline office or make use of a flight agent, Which has never been a pleasant process. Alot of people lost their hard earned money to fraudsters who portray themselves as travel