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APC Ekiti Governorship Primaries 2018 Winner is Dr John Kayode Fayemi

Dr John Olukayode Fayemi, the former Governor of Ekiti State, a native of Isan-Ekiti in Oye Local Government of Ekiti State, and the current Minister of Solid Minerals Development in Nigeria has been officially declared the overall winner of the just concluded Ekiti State governorship primaries of the APC.

The exercise was reported to be peaceful, free and fair, but the coming days will tell if this claim was actually true or false. Dr Fayemi in his speech encouraged his co-contestants to work together with him to ensure success for the ACP in the state during the forthcoming governorship elections in the state.

Kayode Fayemi contested alongside other 32 contestants in the Saturday May 12TH 2018 APC Ekiti GOVERNORSHIP PRIMARIES and he's probably on his way back to the Ekiti State Government House.

Babatunde Gbadamosi and The DSS

                                     WHERE IS BABATUNDE GBADAMOSI?

He was said to have been invited by the DSS last week Tuesday and he voluntarily went to honor the invitation and that was all the family can tell of him. 7days later Mr Babatunde Gbadamosi is yet to return home and his family are yet to see or hear anything from him. All efforts at reaching him has proven abortive as neither the DSS Lagos nor Abuja has release any official report on him.

The wife today had to run to the media (AIT) to help her call on the DSS to release her husband to her; i dont know how the family has been taking it all this while, but it is obvious the incident has thrown the family into disarray and total confusion.

We call on the DSS and other relevant security agencies to immediately communicate to the entire public the circumstances surrounding the sudden disappearance of Mr Babatunde Gbadamosi (a former PDP governorship candidate). Why should the DSS under this administration be operating like KIDNAPPERS? How do we now differentiate the DSS from criminals, since they all operate secretly???

The family wants to see him, hear from him and ensure he's still alive, because according to the wife, he has health challenges and should be on medication and diet.

Again we call on the DSS to release him or charge him to court; THIS IS DEMOCRACY and THE RULE OF LAW must prevail.

Photo credit: Premiumtimesng

My Letter To Nigeria National Assembly

Nigerian National Assembly Building

Is Nigeria's Constitution Really Seeing The Future?

There are certain things that has been bothering my mind concerning Nigeria, all this while. And I have been seeking the appropriate time, place and institution to channel my questions to. But now I think the time is fully ripe for me to ask these questions and expect answers from the appropriate quarters, before things goos wrong in the face of prevailing circumstances in Nigeria.

Here Are My Questions:

1. Fact: the president is expected to write the national assembly to transfer his powers to the vice president in acting  capacity, if he decides to take a leave. Now my number one question is,
What happens if the President fails to transmit  his powers to his vice due to a serious health emergency (let's say "Hearth Attack"), and he's unable to return to the country after a period of six months or more?

2. What happens if the president fails to recover from his sickness after one year(like being in "Coma", "Amnesia" or something of such), or he becomes a vegetable or probably physically paralyzed (stroke, Blind, Deaf, Dumb)??.

3. This is the real question, and I want the Nigerian National Assembly to focus on this particular question. I want to use what is currently on ground in Nigeria to give meaning to this question.

> What happens if the current acting president (VP) becomes very ill and needs and urgent medical attention???. 
Just imagine that the illness will keep him out of Nigeria for close to 3 months or more (even if its just one day) 

Please, let's not say God forbid or it can't happen, i really want us to critically look into this issues in other to adopt a holistic legislative approach to it.

Let no one say I'm wishing the president, his vice or the nation at large evil; far from that, I'm just a concerned (We cannot afford to allow those we do not trust to hijack power) Nigerian and I want the best for this great Nation.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Buhari:Don't Evaluate My Government's 100Days Performance

President Buhari first Day In Aso villa speech
President Muhammadu Buhari is apparently asking Journalist and Nigerians to abandone the culture of accessing every New Government' performance after first 100Days just because he met an almost empty Treasury!

The issue of looting of treasury and leaving little or nothing behind for an incoming administration has been a culture since Nigeria's return to Democracy.

This is indeed a big sign of failure(am not praying for him to fail) even from the very beginning. A good leader has and should not any room for excuses. Once the mantle of leadership is handed over to any Potential good leader, he takes charge of all assets and liabilities of his office.

Having the best Media team will not bring the Desired Change Nigerians Voted him for. Secondly: he should be aware that no amount of psychological bribe will be able to hinder Nigeria journalist from attacking him and his Government if he fails to deliver Dividends of Democracy, starting from his 100Days in office.

Let me join the popular voice all over the country which is a very simple solution to whats on ground.
Mr President, Put on your thinking Cap and do the immediate necessary things.
the President must have a short term and long term CHANGE master plan for Nigeria.

The clock is already Ticking>>>>>>2019 is almost here.
Read the President Buhari's first day in Aso Rock speech by Premuimtimes here

Why Is It So Difficult For The APC To Concede Defeat

The Logo Of APC Party in NigeriaThe APC benefited from the same INEC led by Jega on the presidential elections, which the incumbent President conceded defeat even before the last results was announced. They've also Won Few States and PDP conceded defeat, why is It So Difficult For them to concede Defeat where they've lost?

Why is this Party called APC bent on fomenting political unrest in this great country?

Can't they take a cue from the PDP and President Jonathan and let peace reign?.
Imagine the APC challenging the result of the result of a State like Akwa Ibom, a state that is highly dominated and controlled by PDP.

If the PDP has conceded defeat in Lagos, why cant the APC do same?.

Apologise To Ndigbo Or Face War- Ohaneze

Oba Of Lagos
The Igbo community has Issued a Serious warning to the Oba of Lagos, Oba Rilwan Akiolu in response to his latest threat to Indigbo in Lagos

"We are not moved by your threats, rather we are concerned about the lifes, Property and resources that will be lost to the war you are drumming for. The Igbo's are fully ready for what ever and how ever you what it.

we have done it before and we can still do it again even better, coz we are now more equipped and technologically advanced to take the war to any extent you want it.

Incase you've forgotten, we have penetrated every nook and cranny of your land. So it becomes very easy for us to wipe the Yoruba nation away in shot while.
Be Warned

That was the report we got from a reliable source close to the royal palace of Eze Ndigbo of Lagos.

On the Other hand, Ohaneze Ndigbo has given the Oba Of Lagos 48 hours to Re-tract his statement or face war.

Femi Falana the Lagos human right lawyer has also warned the Oba Of Lagos to Apologise to Indigbo.